Ayn Rand Meets Video Game; Players Win


The Onion A.V. Club, surely the best entertainment section anywhere (with the exception naturally of The Brady File), recently reviewed the new vid game Bioshock in a way that some readers may find interesting:

Atlas shocked: A gorgeous game channels Ayn Rand, unsatisfying ending and all

Once or twice a year, a game's technology and craftsmanship raise the bar so high that, Pixar-like, it leaves everyone raving. This summer, that game is BioShock. Fighting through the ruined underwater city of Rapture means being constantly dazzled by the intricate Art Deco-inspired design, the jaw-dropping water effects, and gameplay that deftly mixes skin-crawling horror, comic-book superpowers, and exhilarating shootouts.

More here.

reason undertook a Mario-like quest to seek out the deep politics of video games here.

Update: GregA notes that Wired made the Rand-Bioshock connection here.