How To Deal with a "Born-Again Celebuthug"


Ron Hart weighs in on the rash of recent celebs who turn to Jesus after getting busted:

When all these thugs and dopes try to come into court with the Bible acting like they have turned their lives around somewhere between conviction and sentencing, I would do what one of my favorite judges does. Anytime a heinous criminal shows up in court with a Bible, this judge always asks the toter of the Good Book if he knows where the Apostle Paul was when he wrote most of the books of the New Testament. Invariably the defendant does not know. The judge then bangs the gavel and says "Paul was in jail, and I am going to give you the same opportunity that he had!"

Regarding Lousiana Sen. David Vitter:

Recently, Senator David Vitter, another "Family Values" Republican from Louisiana, played the religion card after he got busted hiring Washington, D.C., hookers. He told his constituents something to the effect that he had resolved his actions with his God. Now, unless his God is Charlie Sheen, my guess is that this kind of reconciliation is going to take more than a press conference.

More troubling to me as a Libertarian, Vitter said the he often would pay the prostitute and just talk to her instead of having sex. I view this as just another alarming example of government waste, and I find it even more troubling than his hooker problem.

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