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Gone to the dogs


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  1. Those PETA ladies aren’t even pretty. Take that PETA! Was this comic drawn by a political cartoon auto-generator? I wish I could mail-in my work every couple of weeks and call it good.

  2. this just in: above comment funnier then cartoon

  3. PETA “babes” reek of cat piss soaked granola.

    For a group more outlier than libertarians they sure have a lot of influence.

  4. I guess that’s what I get for saying last week that Bok’s been on a roll. You would have done better going with yesterday’s cartoon by him (

  5. Why does Chip Bok hate clarity?

  6. Why the hell doesn’t Chip Bok appear in the print mag any more?

    I like Peter Bagge as much as the next motherfucker (even more!) but there’s plenty of space in the journal…

  7. Mike Vick plead guilty? Chip Bok no conjugate good.

  8. hey this is neat and all but where the hell is the post on bush’s subprime mortgage bailout?

  9. Amid all the Vick hysteria, across all the networks, I counted exactly zero references to that other sport that tortures and kills animals, is perfectly legal and is enjoyed by millions: bullfighting. Why has bullfighting gotten a free pass? Is it because American media is so narcissistic and anti-conceptual that they cannot think beyond their own borders? Or is it that the bullfighting public is mostly white and the sport has been written about by Hemmingway?

  10. But bullfighting is only legal in backwards shitholes that can’t even speak English.

  11. “Why has bullfighting gotten a free pass?”

    Because toreadors can, and often do, get maimed and killed. There’s no man vs. nature in dogfighting.

  12. I’m going go with the “because there’s no bullfighting in the US” thing.

  13. I’m going go with the “because there’s no bullfighting in the US” thing.

    There will be if yuh don’t stop lettin’ dem Mexee-cans in here…

  14. Main Entry: plead
    Inflected Form(s): plead?ed /’plE-d&d /; or pled also plead

    NotthatDavid not know his alternate inflected forms good.

  15. There’s no man vs. nature in dogfighting.

    I’d pay real money to see Michael Vick fight his weight in pit bulls.

  16. Remember the good old days when political cartoonists could spell and use proper grammar?

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