Civil Liberties

The Best Take So Far on the Larry Craig Affair


Why would Larry Craig oppose gay marriage even as he cruises for quickies in public restrooms? Here's my favorite explanation so far, from an anonymous reader quoted by one of Andrew Sullivan's guestbloggers:

The current political wars are a re-alignment. It used to be gay vs straight. But now it's the old gay culture against the new gay culture. Larry Craig cruises for sex in bathrooms, he's part of the old gay culture. His lifestyle is threated by gay marriage: more guys sitting at the boarding gate with their husbands means fewer in the airport washroom. His lifestyle is threated by gays in the military: more sailors with boyfriends on shore means fewer available underneath the dock. Craig, West, and Haggard are the death throes of the old gay culture, desperately longing for the good old days.

I read this as a clever joke, but Sullivan's stand-in takes it seriously. I'm not sure which one of us is being tone-deaf here, but I'm going to chuckle appreciatively either way.