Slate Editors on Craig


Interesting insider-ish look at the online mag's editors chatting about the Craig scandal, including some somewhat surprising comments from libertarian Jack Shafer.

I guess that loathe as I am to sympathize with Craig, I'm with the "why was this a crime?" crowd. Laws against public sex are understandable. Laws against merely soliciting someone for sex are something else entirely. Might as well sent the SWAT teams into singles bars too, then. Maybe the foot tapping and paper-snatching really are code for "let's do it in the stall." I don't know. But Craig didn't actually engage in the lewd behavior. Didn't get that far.  Aside from the peeping charge, which was thrown out, the only thing I can see that he's guilty of is looking for a willing sex partner. And I can't see how that is or should be a crime.