More Larry Craig


The irony award in all of this goes to the Idaho Values Alliance, for this page, which contains an item praising Larry Craig for his vote on a abortion bill then, just below, includes a "Bonus Byte" warning about homosexual men looking for trysts in airport bathrooms. The site warns that the gays even advertise their cravings on, wait for it, Craigslist.

The group is now calling for Craig's resignation. So is Hugh Hewitt, though he himself admits he made no such call for Sen. David Vitter. Guess there's some sort moral distinction between cheating on your wife via anonymous gay sex and cheating on your wife by paying for hetero sex with a prostitute.

Finally, any sympathy I might have felt for Craig evaporated when I read in the police report that he played the ol' "do you know who I am" game, by giving the cop his U.S. senator business card and asking, "What do you think of that?"