Is Matt Drudge a Libertarian?


Philip Weiss, one of America's most entertaining and interesting journos (IMO), asks Where Is Matt Drudge Coming From? in New York mag:

At times Drudge does sound like a conservative. He hates big government, immigration, and abortion rights. When Jimmy Carter criticized George Bush in the foreign press, Drudge questioned his loyalty. But Drudge's ideological heart is libertarian, and many of his anti-corporate riffs would stir a left-wing anarchist. Drudge has been highly critical of partnerships between Google and state governments, and he fears corporations. He believes that people in surgery have had chips implanted without their knowledge, that the day will come when the government will "dart" a chip into you without your permission, and that DNA will be collected from spit on the street, "and then they can impose any rule, even against smiling."

Read the whole thing here.

Hat Tip: Manny Klausner, one of the original editors of reason, and the lawyer who represented Drudge in his legal victory over journalist and former Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal.