Can't You Limp-Wristed Sodomites Take a Joke?


At 11:57, David Freddoso shares Larry Craig jokes:

"Senator Craig has withdrawn from the Romney campaign. He will now be supporting Ru Paul for President."

"The senator claimed that he only reached under the stall because he'd dropped a proposition."

"Idaho? No, Senator Craig da ho."

Eighteen minutes later, Freddoso posts:

Why is it that Republicans — Craig, Mark Foley, and David Vitter — are the ones who keep getting caught in sex scandals nowadays?… I don't buy for a second the idea that Democrats are less "repressed."… Whatever their stance on public homosexuality, they would be subject to the same pressures and potential "repression" that any Republican would theoretically feel, say, to cruise in public bathrooms.

Perhaps it's just coincidence, or maybe there is a better explanation out there.

Yes, it's a real mystery why a conservative Republican might be less open about his sexuality than a liberal Democrat.