"The issue at hand is 'Strippers for Ron Paul.'"


The issue at hand is "Strippers for Ron Paul." Why would the adult entertainment industry support such an obvious Christian? It is because the Christian congressman, Ron Paul, understands the proper role of government in the United States of America. Government should not dictate morality. Christians are instructed to cast stones if only free from sin. According to Biblical teaching, we are all born into sin and Ron Paul is the only candidate of the Republican Party doing both what his Constitution and Bible demands. I don't know which he puts first, but I presume that it doesn't matter because they aren't incompatible.

Free will and free persons. Ron Paul will not likely be giving personal support to strippers, in dollars or encouragement, but he supports, in legislation, their right to be free. For that, this mother, wife, small biz owner, inventor, Libertarian Party county chairman, and ex-stripper thanks him.

More here. The blogger who penned that, Michelle Shinghal, will be on Tucker Carlson's show tonight to discuss the SFRP phenomena, which is at least as interesting as those dirty rotten hippies who "went clean for Gene" McCarthy way back when.

Hat tips: The Wine Commonsewer and Gordon Unleashed.

More background here.