Ye Olde Turner Diaries


Inspired by the much-delayed DVD release of Blood in the Face, James Ridgeway's great documentary about neo-nazis, I wondered if some of the Internet's bountiful white pride sites had any comment. Didn't notice that, but I did notice this thread:

Anyone else on this board enjoy Renaissance Faires? I was at one in Wisconsin this day and saw someone in a polo shirt with a deathshead at the breast and the SS bolts on the sides. We go pretty frequently and that was the first person I seen that is overtly racially aware, aside from all the other people there to enjoy old European cultures.

I don't think any of the responses were jokes.

A Renaissance Fair is a very White thing, at least around here. It is not a diversity event, it is a celebration of European Culture. It can't get much whiter than that. People don't go to Renaissance/Medieval events to play basketball, they go to enjoy being European for a while. It is also much more fun if you participate... It's like a short vacation from diversity.

Not this one, either.

The one in Fair Oaks a couple a months ago I went to was a bad one: Lots of blacks and orientals. The faire itself was good, but the people that attended were not White. Takes away from the authenticity a bit

. Maybe it should be European-blooded only?

Not even this one.

I found the Renn Fair a great place to spread the gospel of White Nationalism. Most of the people were there to experience European culture, how ever incomplete or commercialized. I dress up as a knight. The way people relate changes, I can approach almost any one and strike up a conversation the way I would never dare to dressed regularly. And I always steer the talk toward race awareness/WN subjects. Renn Fairs are fertile grounds for propagandizing and recruitment.

The White Pride movement has been reduced to a pale* imitation of Smoosh and a bunch of Renn Faire geeks? Odin wept.

*pun intended