On this Day in 1935…


Ronald Ernest Paul was born in Greentree, Pennsylvania.

I don't see anything about it on the official Paul campaign site (UPDATE: Nothing on the front page, although there is an e-card), but you could while away many an hour with reason's articles on the congressman and his presidential races.

– On August 13, I reported from the ground as Paul's army crashed the Ames Straw Poll.

– On July 27, Brian Doherty felt the pain of libertarians who worried about Paul making them look bad.

– On July 16, Jesse Walker assessed what the Paul campaign meant for libertarians who were and weren't personally getting involved with it.

– On June 15, Brian Doherty wondered whether Paul could appeal to angry Democrats.

– On May 25, I speculated that Paul's controversial views would come into the foreground if he really started making waves.

– On May 21, Cathy Young asked why Republicans were trying to keep Paul out of those scintillating presidential debates.

– On January 22 Brian Doherty had the first interview with Rep. Paul after word leaked about his possible '08 run.

Dig into the reason archives and you'll find much more about the pre-campaign Paul. It's striking how much his profile has changed since just 2004 or so–the lonesome intellectual congressman who would get a few hat-tips here and on libertarian blogs is now drawing thousands of people to rallies.