The Feeding of the 300


No political hook, for once, but can this possibly be true?

This weekend a few AT&T subscribers received their first iPhone bill inside inch-thick packages. Ars Technica writers were among the first to complain about the size of their first iPhone bill, which would surprised even the most heavy Treo or Blackberry user. Apparently, the bills were 30-50 pages long, detailing every data transfer made on both sides of each page, and since iPhone users have unlimited data plans, all the recorded transactions amounted to a big fat zero.

Gizmodo runs with a photogenic woman's vlog about her 300 page bill. I suppose if you're a federal investigator you're hoping some criminals bought into the iFad, because you can find anything about users' usage that you want.

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  1. First warrantless wiretaps, now this… AT&T is developing a poor record on privacy.

  2. I think this is an apt punishment for buying those stupid-ass iPhones.

    I swear, if I wrapped a turd in white plastic and called it the iCrap, people would be all over it like flies on…

    well, you get the idea.

  3. To quote Nelson Muntz on the suckers who bought into the unending iPhone hype: “Ah-ha!” I have no pity for you and your over-priced cach? pump.

    But dear god AT&T! 300 pages? I see you haven’t learned a thing over these years in the wilderness. Still as stupid and bogged down as ever.

  4. icrap….I paid $300 for an icrap, I still can’t figure out what it does.

  5. This just proves AT&T is in cahoots with the dark forces of Big Shredder.

  6. Did she really mean 30,000 text messages? Holy mother of mercy.

  7. I have a hard time believing 30,000 texts. That’s 1 every 86 seconds, texting 24/7. Now 3,000 I could believe. My son routinely racks up over 2,000 a month, and he sleeps 10 hours a day.

  8. Did she really mean 30,000 text messages?

    Yeah, that’s unpossible! It looks like AT&T lists every movement of data, which if you’re browsing the web would be lots and lots of pieces of data moving back and forth.

  9. I will certainly fill her box.

    If she thought that was thick……

  10. Only an asshole rushes out to get the new high-tech intertube thingly but still gets hard-copy snail-mail bills for it.

  11. Another reason not to get this stupid iPhone. If you want a full screen iPod, just wait until Apple comes out with one, perhaps this Christmas. If you want to browse the net, get a blackberry or Palm.

  12. Russ 2000 –

    If you click on the link to her blog and watch the video at the top, it ends with a plea to use e-billing. Also, I doubt the method of billing is really much of a concern to people excited about their new iPhone. That should change now, though.

  13. M. Ram –

    Wouldn’t a top-of-the-line iPod, a PDA and a decent cell-phone together cost more than an iPhone? And that doesn’t even count the annoyance of carrying around 3 devices all the time when one would suffice.

  14. it ends with a plea to use e-billing.

    It’s AT&T! Every month they send an email to me begging ME to use e-billing.

  15. I don’t have one of those little monstrosities, but if I did, I’d prefer a paper bill – much more convenient to go thru the charges line by line, should the need arise. (And I guarantee mine wouldn’t be anywhere near 300 pages. 3 maybe.)

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