Iggy Pop to Punks: Don't DIY


Iggy Pop, major label punk rock legend back on the road with The Stooges, slams the DIY ideology that has attached itself to punk since the Minor Threat days over at Pitchfork:

…that's what always annoyed me most about the American alternative/do-it yourself scene when I came up. It was simple. If you were the artist you were supposed to be cool, and the agent was supposed to be a crook, and the manager was supposed to be a creep, and everyone administrating was un-cool and the publicist was cheesy. You know, we all have our roles. But then the DIY guy says I am the guitar player, I'm the publicist, I'm the agent, and I'm the lawyer, too. So I look at the guy, and I'm like, okay, you've convinced me. You're a greedy, cheesy crooked creep with a guitar. Fuck you. I want nothing to do with you.

Does this sophisticated Misesian understanding of the importance of the division of labor prove that the Igster is a libertarian? Well, allright! He has always been aware that any old time, he has a right to move.

My 1997 reason cover story on the complicated attitudes toward capitalism and marketing among the indie rock and comics scenes.