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The Cinematheque asks 20 writers, including Reason's Jesse Walker, to pick their favorite Ingmar Bergman films.

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  1. Choosing a favorite Bergman film would be like choosing a favorite Indian folk singer. Impossible!

  2. I don’t think it’s on DVD, so that probably counts for some of the reason that it is never mentioned, but From the Life of the Marionettes is great later period Bergman.

  3. I’m with Max on that one…btw-Woody Allen did a great article on Bergman in the NYT recently.

  4. Which is here. (Missed that y’day; thanks for the tip.)

  5. I don’t understand the mini-hate on for The Seventh Seal. I can see preferring Persona or Wild Strawberries or Fanny and Alexander, but it is a stone-cold classic of world cinema. Everybody is hipper-than-thou these days, I guess. Next up: The White Sheik = Best Fellini film? Steel Wheels = Best Stones album? George W. Bush = Most Underrated President?

  6. I don’t understand the mini-hate on for The Seventh Seal.

    What hate? Yeah, one guy claimed not to like it, but it did finish third.

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