I Know You're Leaving, It's Too Long Overdue


Ladies and gentlemen, you don't have Tommy Thompson to kick around anymore.

"I want to thank the people of Iowa who were welcoming and supportive as well as my volunteers and contributors from around the country," said Thompson. "I have no regrets about running."

Really? None?

Making money is part of the Jewish tradition, a U.S. presidential candidate said in a speech to the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.

"I'm in the private sector and for the first time in my life I'm earning money," Republican hopeful and former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson said Monday. "You know that's sort of part of the Jewish tradition."

Given that he apologized at the time, it's sort of odd to hear him say he has "no regrets." He does. He clearly wishes he never did this and morphed from "Tommy Thompson, policy whiz whose reputation was tarred by the Bush administration" to "Tommy Thompon, loser with a weird haircuit." When I saw him speak to a Fair Tax rally on Saturday he sounded almost deranged by his situation, taking on all of these fist-pumping Huey Long-isms that didn't fit him at all. ("You send that Fair Tax to my desk and I! WILL! SIGN IT! I WILL!")

Tommy's brother Ed, who is now slightly more likely to make a Libertarian presidential bid, gave some unrevealing quotes to Bart Winkler. The Republican Thompson is going to concentrate on improving "health care and welfare in America." He does so with a slightly diminished stature.

(Headline explained here.)

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  1. This now makes for an extremely interesting political dynamic, that few outside of the libertarian movement can appreciate.

    It was no mere accident that two weeks ago, brother Ed made some favorable comments about his own possible run on an obscure radio show.

    I met with Ed last October at his bar in downtown Tomah. I found him to be quite jovial and upbeat.

    And he’s got a schtick. He’s a former pro-Boxer. That, added to his current tenure as a City Councilman, and former tenure as Mayor, add to his celebrity.

    I asked him point blank, if he’d consider running. He said, “Sure, that’s something I need to look into.”

    My guess is within weeks we’ll be seeing an Ed Thompson, Libertarian for President Campaign.

    The thing about a Thompson run, versus another semi-celebrity candidacy like say Wayne Root, is that Thompson can garner support from the entire libertarian spectrum. The looney tune contingent will be comfortable with him, as well as the pragmatic practical real worlders who want to see success for the LP.

    And I’m not so sure that’s a good thing. Simply put, Ed Thompson will has a shot of being the most successful Libertarian candidate for President ever, even surpassing Ed Clark in 1980.

    1 to 2 million votes, 90% of which would come directly out of the GOP column, could give us 4 years of Hillary.

    So, the price of Ed Thompson gaining a couple million votes, is socialized health care, increased taxes, a high unemployment rate with the resulting economic slow down, and all of us suffering in our stock market portfolios.

    Heavy price to pay indeed.

  2. Eric-

    You should encourage Giuliani to seek the co-endorsement of the LP, seeing as how he is a paragon of all that libertarians believe in.

  3. mrummph…mrummphhh…grfferdrb…

    …Rudy, I’m trying to talk…can you keep that thing out of my mouth for just one minute?


  5. Eric Dondero,

    Maybe if the GOP didn’t have their heads up their collective ass when it comes to civil liberties and interventionist foreign policy, you wouldn’t have to worry about libertarian Republicans voting for the LP.

    In a free market, if you’re losing customers, it’s your fault, not theirs.

  6. The price of Rudy winning is basically a police state and eternal war, so it doesn’t sound much better than Hillary.

  7. Also, I’m wondering if Dondero’s done the math on how many votes the GOP candidate supporting staying in Iraq is going to cost him in the general election. Probably a lot more than 2 million votes, methinks.


  9. I’m really just impressed at the Walker Brothers reference…


    [cut away to the Pepperpots]


    Dennis – oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Banana hammock! d’ooooooooooooooooooooh!

  11. Dude, that comment about “making money is a Jewish tradition” is both

    (1) complimentary and
    (2) true

    There’s nothing wrong with making money so long as you do it ethically. Since he didn’t imply that Jews were shysters, I think this was a fine thing to say, and honest too.

    All those fucking demagogues who want to make T. Thompson into an anti-semite should kiss my Jew ass. I’m looking at all of you obnoxious center/left pundits who are sad that there’s no anti-semitism in the establishment anymore so you don’t have anything to righteously rail against. What a bunch of bitches.

  12. How did Giuliani do in the Iowa straw poll?

  13. Crimethink, you may be right. But look at it from a converse standpoint.

    If the Republican Party were to somehow nominate an anti-War on Islamo-Fascism candidate, there’d be a huge exit of Pro-Defense Republicans and Military voters out of the GOP, em masse.

    I could see a Tommy Franks or Norman Schwarzkopf 3rd party Presidential run, if the GOP doesn’t toe the line on fighting Islamo-Fascism and Political Correctness.

    And such a candidate could win. Imagine two Far Lefty Anti-Military candidates like Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton in the race versus a Pro-America, Pro-Military, Pro-Win the War on Islamo-Fascism candidate?

    You tell me. Who would win such a race?

    In fact, since you’ve brought it up, I cannot think of a better VP candidate for Rudy Giuliani than Tommy Franks.

  14. Pro Liberate, Giuliani wasn’t in the straw poll.

    The better question to ask is how did Tom Tancredo do?

  15. Thoreau, funny you should mention that.

    About a year ago, a guy in Florida was pushing such an idea. This was way before Giuliani had even announced.

    He was floating the idea on all the libertarian boards, of the Libertarian Party cross endorsing Giuliani.

    I’d be very supportive of such a proposal.

  16. Heh. If Ron Paul is a Lefty Anti-Military type, how come he got more contributions from Armed Forces members than Rudy or any other Republican candidate?

  17. two Far Lefty Anti-Military candidates like Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton

    Ron Paul, Far Lefty?

    Hillary Clinton, Anti-Military?

    Rudy must buy you the good shit, Donderoooooooo!

  18. Crimethink,

    Sounds like you’re a victim of the Ron Paul Cult Propoganda machine.

    I was a victim of it too once. I had to go through extensive patient outreach programs to be cured.

    I’ve got a number of a good Doctor who knows how to cure Ron Paul Cultishness.

  19. Damn those fact-peddling propagandists. Save me, Dondero! Stop me before I vote for Ron Paul again!


  21. If Ed Thompson looks anything like his “rolled over by a asphalt machine” brother, he’ll have about the same amount of success.

  22. Yeah, I don’t get how Hillary Clinton can be considered “anti-military”. Don’t worry, Dondero, she will be just as much of an uber-hawk as Rudy, just in other countries besides Iraq.

  23. Funny thing is I was playing “Patriot” from Scott Walker’s “Tilt” when I came across this entry. SW should totally be the official vocalist of Reason.

  24. Outside the Box TUE 8/14/07 HR 3
    Ed Thompson joins Mitch to discuss Tommy’s failed run at presidency, and Mitch discusses the “coolest” athlete.

    To download the podcast, right-click “Listen” and select “Save As” from the menu.


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