Denial is a Former Congressman from Louisiana


I didn't get around to blogging this last week, but it's never too late to watch a former Speaker of the House deny the Armenian genocide. Bob Livingston, most famous for getting caught cheating on his wife by Larry Flynt, is, as the video's chyron makes clear, a paid agent of the Turkish government. In an awkward eight-minute ramble, he asks Congress to not recognize the Armenian genocide (sorry, "genocide") because, well, it was a long, long time ago and no one is really sure what happened…particularly Bob Livingston:

The Guenther Lewy article referenced in the video can be found here. Vahakn N. Dadrian, author of The History of the Armenian Genocide: Ethnic Conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus, offers a detailed response toLewy here.