Weekend Open Thread


To get you started:

This fun discussion at the New York Times' "Freakonimics Quorum" on how to divvy $10 between a beggar and a hot dog vendor. Ponder the analytical, lighthearted response from Tyler Cowen, the businesslike brevity of Mark Cuban, the disingenuousness of Babara Ehrenreich (she coughs up ten bucks and the coat off her back every time she passes a beggar?), and the utter humorlessness of Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

• President Bush's war czar says it's time to consider a military draft.

• Read up on the sad, ongoing racial saga in Jena, Louisiana. 

Thomas Sowell explains how bad government policy contributed to the subprime meltdown.

•  It wouldn't be the weekend without a tale of another isolated incident.