Peter Bagge Art Opening in Los Angeles—Tonight!


Fans of our own comics journalist Peter Bagge (and let the Washington Post tell you how great he is) in the greater Los Angeles area should show up for a gen-u-ine art opening starring the drawings and paintings of Mr. Bagge.

It's tonight, August 10, at the comic book shoppe Secret Headquarters, located in the groovy Silver Lake neighborhood, at 3817 West Sunset Blvd.

Runs from 8 to 10 pm. You can bet I'll be there, and I hope that doesn't hurt attendence….

Bagge's reason archive.

A new book entirely dedicated to Peter's work–buy it on Amazon.

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  1. I don’t know. He’s a little bit too political for my tastes.

  2. This Peter Bagge art is making me nauseous. Why is it even here? The brochure doesn’t explain why this is important.

  3. I guess, thanks to cartooning in the New Yorker, Robert and Alene Crumb are sort of back in vogue.
    I love them both, and am sort of “up” on them.
    Which is why I would enjoy Peter’s response to being mentioned in Alene’s latest graphic autobiography.
    Also, what does Peter think of the offspring of Robert and Alene as far as her future in the biz of theirs and Peter’s?
    Is the manga thing good for all of you?

    Best wishes!

  4. Due to my previous post, I’m re-reading his “Real” “Art” piece fore about the fiftith time. I’m pretty sure that it is easily his best peice

  5. Does it cost money? Sounds fun.

  6. Man, I don’t know how that place stays in business. It’s the poshest, emptiest comic book store I’ve ever seen.

  7. Shortly before the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, Bagge, who opposed the invasion, covered an antiwar rally and drew a cartoon called “Observations From a Reluctant Anti-Warrior,” a savage mockery of the pretensions of the protesters. A year later, haunted by what he termed “a deep sense of shame” about that cartoon, he drew “Confessions of a Lazy Anti-Warrior,” eviscerating himself for attacking the protesters.

    “I knew at the time that I was being counterproductive,” he wrote, “but I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t stand those people!”

    Bagge shouldn’t beat himself up about this. The early anti-war movement was, in fact, swamped by all manner of leftie twits who seized upon it as a publicity stage for promoting their own, completely unrelated, pet causes. They deserved every barb that Bagge set in them. If they could have been ridiculed into going away, serious arguments against the war might have received more attention and consideration by the public.

  8. On topic: Bagge’s great, I’m sad I can’t make it.

    Off topic: Not sure where to put this, but, as much as I enjoy this blog, this comment from one of the mods on metafilter immediately brought Hit & Run to mind…

    [Your site needs] Membership-only comments, or at least membership-privileged comments. Nothing spells fuckwaddery-especially in something as potentially heated as politics-like allowing drive-by, zero effort site-crapping. It’s hard to build a userbase, but it’s easier to retain folks who (a) decided to put in two minutes effort to register, and (b) have a sense of establishing an identity in the community. Plus, for cross-over traffic from existing sites, providing a logged-in user with a profile and a username that they can (if they so choose) use to establish that continuity.

    I’m sure y’all have thought about this and have your reasons for the current setup, but I tend to agree about the “fuckwaddery.”

  9. I like Bagge’s comics though I sometimes think he could do more showing and less explicit telling. The “reluctant anti-warrior” is a good example. He starts off with a good line from a folk singer who talks about all the diversity in the audience. And then Bagge says, “All I see are a bunch of middle-aged white people.” Wouldn’t it be better to try to show that graphically rather than state it so explicitly? Let the reader make some connections for himself?

  10. Dotty, put a sock in it, toots.

  11. I just finished Buddy Does Jersey, and my girlfriend is now reading it. I recommend it, even though, 1) very little of it seems to have anything specific to do with northern New Jersey, where I spent the first 25 years of my life, 2) it is a little more serious and sad, and less silly than Buddy Does Seattle.

    Good work, Bagge, so good that I didn’t wait for the NYPL to get a copy, and instead actually bought one at Forbidden Planet.

  12. Fuckwaddery can be fun.

    Bagge kicks ass.

    Alliteration and internal rhyming. Zero effort.

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