Strippers Take to the Streets


Strippers head out to get signatures, under the banner of Dancers for Democracy:

COLUMBUS — Strip club dancers covered Capitol Square today, gathering voter signatures to repeal a new state ban on touching patrons. The law takes effect Sept. 4….

"I'll have to go and see my constituents," [state senator Eric] Kearney joked when he learned two dancers were from the Deja Vu Showgirls strip club in Mount Carmel.Pamela Ackerman, 24, of Cincinnati and Jennifer Shafer, 22, of Boone County, Ky., were working Third and State streets, easily averaging a signature per minute.

Both dancers, who are paying their way through community college, said the new restrictions were hurt them financially.

Meanwhile, Wendy Shalit, of Return to Modesty fame, is back on the prowl. She has a new book out full of here-come-the-prostitots hysteria (chronicled with enormous and well-placed disdain by Kerry Howley). But how can she complain about politically engaged role-models like these young ladies?