A Small Victory in the War on Sick People


Nice on-the-ground reporting by Ron Garmon of last month's medical marijuana raids in Los Angeles.

Prominent local activist Chris Fusco's California Patients Group dispensary in Hollywood was an apparent high-value target. "We were down at City Hall holding a press conference," said Fusco. "Basically having our day in the spotlight with the City Council officially coming out and supporting medical cannabis. I was getting into the elevator at City Hall when I heard the dispensary was being raided. All the activists were at City Hall because of the event so we immediately drove back. There were about 15 LAPD officers surrounding the front of the building and about five or six squad cars. There were DEA agents in full paramilitary combat gear with M-16s walking around a building that serves sick and dying patients. There were about 10 people inside the building and 30 guys with riot gear and bulletproof shields."

"It was surreal," he added, still bemused. "Imagine pulling up and seeing a full-on military invasion of your office!"

I made a brief note on the raids the day that they occurred.