Reporting from Yearly Kos


I'm at the Yearly Kos convention today through Saturday and will be blogging it here and at the Economist's Democracy in America blog.

The first thing I saw was a panel on fighting back against the media: Basically, screwing Fox News. The panel and the plugged-in crowd crowed about getting advertisers to pull out of The O'Reilly Factor, and one blogger claimed to have sent 3500 e-mail to companies. Remember JetBlue!

At the end of the panel someone asked what the panelists will do to scuttle Rupert Murdoch's new business channel. Matt Stoller, the activist blogger who owned the Net Neutrality debate, holds up a flyer for an upcoming event with Federal Communitions Commission Commissioner Michael Copps. That got a knowing chuckle from the room.

Next: Macaca. Yes, him.