Howley on Red Eye Tonight


I'll be on Fox News' Red Eye tonight at 2am ET discussing the Kremlin's baby-making camp, the market for human faces, and the massive young urban female left libertarian voting bloc.

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  1. with all due respect to Howley, i am not sure i would be bragging about being on red eye. Show kind of sucks, and the host is a douche. Which for fox is par for the course

  2. kc, maybe it was a confession?

  3. lol, true, but i am not sure that is something one should confess to! Isn’t that what priest are for? of course going on red eye is maybe something you wouldn’t want to tell your preist

  4. Kerry,

    You do know you can politely decline some television interviews. That is, you don’t have to accept them all (e.g., “Red Eye”).


  5. Why the people from the best national political magazine only get invited to appear on the worst national TV news show is beyond me.

    The reason guests are almost enough to make it watchable. Almost.

  6. Wow, you people are unkind.

  7. No Vanessa, this is not unkind. What would be unkind of me to say is that Red Eye should be changed to Brown Eye because that show is such a bag of shit. But i am too nice a person to make such a comment.

  8. To make it watchable, could Kerry don Nick Gillespie’s wig?

  9. What’s “Red Eye”?

  10. …the market for human faces…

    Wasn’t that a somewhat forgettable Travolta flick from back when Kerry was just a gleam in Jack McClellan’s eye?

  11. It appears that the bridge collapse in Minnesota has caused red eye not to be broadcast, what a shame.

    Of course this does bring up an interesting moral dilemma. Is it worth the death of 7 people to stop red eye from being shown,

    I am afraid the anwser is yes. (I kid, I kid)

  12. I don’t receive “Red Eye” where I live so I have never watched.

    You guys need to cut KH some slack though; when a young woman gets the opportunity for career enhancing exposure why on Earth would you ask her to “turn it down”?

    Secondly, a soviet style “baby making camp” with all that sweaty rutting is Howley’s beat. Sorry for the cheap shot, Kerry.

  13. No, I dont want Kerry to turn it down. I enjoy talking shit on red eye far to much. Though let me (re) state that have nothing but respect for Kerry.

  14. Looks like a couple of folks are trying to set the record for tolerance, open mindedness and objective criticism on a Reason thread.

  15. GM,

    I hope you are not talking about me. I pride myself on intolerance, and gutter sniping.

  16. Looks like a couple of folks are trying to set the record for tolerance, open mindedness and objective criticism on a Reason thread.

    Only a fool “tolerates” the intolerable.

    “I will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.”

  17. Baby steps. One must earn her ticket to the Big Time (Hannity and Colmes).

  18. I tried watching Red Eye twice (both times when Reason contributors were on). The show is just plain terrible.

  19. “massive young urban female left libertarian voting bloc”

    I knew a guy who dated both of them. Seriously, is this the coveted “Sucide Girls” bloc?

  20. Red Eye is obviously ahead of its time. Ahead of Reason commenters, at least. Gutfeld is a horrible warmongering dwarf comic genius.

  21. I have to admit, I still don’t understand what a “left” libertarian is. Someone who thinks the government owns all land and should inherit all the property of people who die, and should distribute this stuff equally throughout the population, and allow individuals to do what they will with it? Maybe somebody can enlighten me.

  22. A lefty libertarian would be pro-choice, and concentrate on things like being anti-war and being against prohibition of victimless crimes. A righty libertarian would be pro-life, and concentrate on things like being against taxes, government spending, and gun control laws. But other than the stance on abortion, both would have the same viewpoints on most or all issues, just differ in the concentration of thier fire.

    Now, the group that is probably being referred to (I’m not watching this show) is libertarian lefties or libertarian liberals or Libertarian Democrats (that is, libertarian is the adjective and not the noun). These would be people who believe in things like a government safety net, but also believe government should stay out of people’s lives as much as possible.

    I personally am a “libertarian liberal” in this sense.

  23. Leftist libertarianism – A political philosophy based on giving me the maximum amount of freedom to live my life as I see fit and giving government the maximum amount of power to make sure everyone else lives the same way.

  24. Wow, you people are unkind.

    Duh. We’re libertarians.

    Grr. Get off my lawn!

  25. Looks like a couple of folks are trying to set the record for tolerance, open mindedness and objective criticism on a Reason thread.

    a comedy program deserves nothing less.

    oh sorry:

    a “comedy” “program” deserves nothing less.

  26. “Looks like a couple of folks are trying to set the record for tolerance, open mindedness and objective criticism on a Reason thread”

    Umm….dude, i was just making some jokes, if you think they are unfunny, whatever, but to claim that i am intolerant, closed minded and against objective criticism is rather bit hyperbolic. In fact if you would look at the comments I make on other threads you find that i do embrace all three of those concepts you mentioned.

  27. I always took left-libertarian as a synonym for “libertarian socialism,” or most forms of anarchism. Is there a left-libertarian school that’s not anarchist? Any socialists/leftists who don’t demand the abolition of government definitely don’t count as libertarian in my book.

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