Lexington, de Tocqueville, and Me


A head's up: I'll be guest-blogging at the Economist's "Democracy in America" blog all week. I'll still be putting up posts here, and at the end of the week when I'm at the Yearly Kos conference I'll have coverage for both blogs. (It's been a while since anyone asked Markos about the "Libertarian Democrats"…)

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  1. Isn’t that going to interfere with your NASCAR coverage?

  2. “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.”

    de Tocqueville FTW

    Hardly a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars that I found a copy of “Democracy in America” in my middle school library back in the day (1979).

    That and “The Way the World Works” by Jude Wanniski are the defining texts of my life’s build.

  3. Tocqueville in middle school? I was really more of a “Hardy Boys”/Judy Bloom fan myself.

  4. It was the sci-fi (Asimov, Dick, Heinlein, Varley) that started it.

  5. Party on you Ernst Rhoem wannabes. And don’t forget the Underdog movie that has come out: The Underdog website Be sure to watch it!

    And be sure to present this proposed Amendment to ban Islam to the KOSsacks to counter their constant Israel bashing and anti-Semitic inneundos.

    “There’s no need to fear; Underzog is here (and now Underdog is here, too!)”

  6. It’s been a while since anyone asked Markos about the “Libertarian Democrats”…)

    Don’t forget to ask about the flying horses too!

  7. Remember the crazy woman w/ the unhealthy Underdog obsession Howard Stern used to have on his radio show back in the old days?

    Bet she pans the movie…

  8. De Tocqueville was mistaken in saying that socialism seeks equality. Socialism is Feudalism under another name, and merely uses the pretense of seeking equality to enlist the support of the serfs.


  9. Lexington, de Tocqueville, and Me

    Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?

  10. Ridiculous to try to categorize “single issue”
    groups as liberal or conservative because by the very nature of trying to appeal across party/ideology lines they will avoid this.

    Is LEAP a conservative or liberal organization?

    They want to end the drug war but they are all cops including many former drug enforcers.

    I’d bet they trend conservative.

    You can bet most lefties consider CATO and REASON to be “Right-Wing” groups.

    Charlie Rangel of the BCC is as staunch a drug warrior as Orin Hatch.

    You operate under the assumption that anti-prohibition can’t be conservative.
    Thomas Sowell
    Walter Williams (regular Rush Limbaugh substitute host as well as notable economist)
    WF Buckley
    James Baker (the man who helped Bush “steal” Florida- Reagans former chief of staff)

    George Schultz
    Ron Paul

    Members of the Hoover Institute
    Wouldn’t be shocked if there are a few at the Heritage Foundation.

    I’m still waiting on those liberal democrats…. Neu Mejican /Mr Nice guy/Ken

  11. wrong thread sorry

  12. Hopefully Weigel will do a BabyMax, instead of just linking to his efforts. Maybe he could get some “libs” to come out for, say, something closely approximating TheYoungPioneers. Or, perhaps he could ask the Great Kos himself if he regrets banning me back in 2003 because I correctly pointed out a false statement Kos had made. Maybe he could create a montage showing smugness. Maybe even catch AndyStern or NancyPelosi in a lie.

    Of course, we all know what’s going to happen instead.

  13. “Of course, we all know what’s going to happen instead.”

    Hot Lesbian Sex?

  14. I imagine I’m going to publish a bunch of fluff posts about how mega-rad the Democrats are and how single-payer health care has never been really tried, man.

  15. Look me up at ykos…

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