Doherty at San Diego ComicCon Today


If you are going to be one of the ten gajillion people at San Diego's ComicCon today, come check out a live on-stage interview/dialogue I'm conducting with comic book great Joe Matt of the Peepshow comic book, and the new graphic novel Spent.

It's at 11:30 a.m. local pacific time in Room 3. It'll be my proudest comic book related moment since being portrayed by that other comic book great Jaime Hernandez as a mohawk-sporting anarchist punk. Anyone who says hello before or after gets a gratis copy of the Aug-Sept. reason, with cover and great comics from yet another comic book great Peter Bagge.

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  1. …since being portrayed by artis Jaime Hernandez as a mohawk-sporting anarchist punk.

    Whoah! Where was this?

  2. Is “Spent” a new work ? I thought it just collected several issues of Peepshow.

  3. will you be around on Saturday?

  4. The Jaime thing was in an ad for 7″s by Peter Bagge’s old band Action Suits that appeared in an issue of HATE….I think #24.

    Yes, SPENT collects material that previously appeared in the PEEPSHOW comic but it is a new book as a standalone graphic novel.

    I’ll be around the con Saturday, but doing nothing official.

  5. Bryan Caplan’s at ComicCon, too.

    Is there some special draw for libertarians in that event?

  6. This libertarian comic creator wishes he could be there!

  7. A friend of mine, Damon Lindelof, was a co-presenter yesterday with Carlton Cuse.

  8. Only somewhat related, but I just read Alan Moore’s The Watchmen and I thought it sucked. I mean, was I missing something or was there only one character in the entire book who had super powers (Dr. Manhattan) and he basically was God? No dramatic conflict even possible there…I mean, I loved Moore’s the Killing Joke. Surely this guy has enough imagination to think of some powers for his other characters?
    John Byrne still rules…

  9. Mr.Nice Guy, Watchmen’s characters were actually supposed to be old Charlton Comics characters of old. Dr.Manhattan was going to be the Atom, Rohrsach was going to be The Question, Nite Owl was going to be the Blue Beetle and Ozymandias was going to be Thunderbolt. I forgot who Silk Spectre and the Comedian was going to be. But anyhow, I don’t believe anyone of those, save for the Atom, had any specific superpowers save for them being vigilantes. Besides, even if they did, they were existing in a place where superpowers were outlawed, Dr.Manhattan was the only one who could use superpowers because of his immense power. The government decided it would be best to let him go and do his thing instead of fighting him (because how does one fight a God-like being?).

    I am in LOVE with Rohrsach. In a way, he’s considered somewhat of a libertarian hero. He decides that it’s still wrong to kill an immense amount of people in order to “bring peace” to the world, despite the fact that an immense disaster could unify the world…because the act means killing innocent people it therefore is still wrong no matter what the outcome.

    He’s fighting this until the very end.

  10. I think The Comedian is John Locke on Lost, and that they concluded season 3 where Watchmen started, The Comedian just having died. I guess that’d make Jack & Kate into Dan & Laurie, but that may be carrying it farther than the makers of Lost intend.

  11. Thanks Brian, your explanation makes sense and is food for thought indeed.

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