Hunting With Joe


The Politico's Dan Reilly has an update on the Jered Townsend—Joe Biden epic:

In an interview with Reason magazine, Townsend later invited Biden up to Clio to discuss the matter.

Despite questioning whether or not Townsend was mentally qualified to handle his "baby" during the debate, Biden said today that he emailed Townsend and gave him his phone number, saying he would be happy to get together the next time he is in Michigan.

Biden even told The Crypt he would be happy to go hunting with Townsend, though the senator said he couldn't equal Townsend's firepower.

"All I have is a 20 gauge and a 10 gauge shot gun. It won't match his automatic weapon," Biden said.

Townsend called the Bushmaster "a good varmint rifle" in his interview, saying he uses it to hunt coyotes.

Still, Biden, who helped craft the 1994 assault weapons ban, said Townsend would have to lose the Bushmaster before they went looking for varmints together.

It's not the O'Reilly Factor getting Ward Churchill fired, but I'll take it.

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