Come On Down and Congratulate Drew Carey…


on being named the new host of TV's longest-running game show, The Price Is Right. Star of an eponymous sitcom, and host of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Power of 10, Carey is a friend to reason and sat for one of our most memorable interviews ever, back in 1997 (read it online here and make sure to get check out the Kennedy joke sequence).

More on Carey's latest gig here.

Former host Bob Barker bequeathed two notable catchphrases to America: "Come on down!" and "Make sure to spay and neuter your pets!"

Hit & Runners, the lines are open to suggest a new catchphrase for the Drew Carey era of The Price Is Right.

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  1. The Aristocrats! *snap*

  2. Wasn’t “Come On Down” Rod Roddy’s catchphrase?

    What about reprising “The price is wrong, bitch!” from Happy Gilmore?

  3. “Come on down and spay and neuter Drew Carey!”

  4. Maybe he can dance around screaming “Avaya!” like Wayne Brady used to do. That Wayne Brady. He’s so funny.

  5. Sorry about spawning all those annoying local improve troops.

  6. Improv troops I mean.

    One day I’ll have a typo free first post. Really.

  7. I suppose “Keep your government spayed and neutered” is too direct?

  8. Wasn’t “Come On Down” Rod Roddy’s catchphrase?

    No, it was mine.

  9. The Price is Right is an absolute stroke of consumerist genius…they figured out a way to get housewives to watch hourlong commercials with the hook being “people will guess the retail prices of mundane household products”. And they made it work for over three decades. Amazing.

  10. How about “pro libertate”? 🙂

    Or “Don’t tread on me”?

  11. How about this? “Where the market is free but the products are not.”


  13. Perhaps:

    “Thank you for having no life. Now guess whether this can tuna is $1.09 or $1.17!”

  14. Drew will never be able to beat the irony of Bob, the consumate dirty old man who spent most of his off time banging the 20 something spokesmodels on the show, telling people to spay and neuter their pets. If I had a daughter under the age of 25, it is Bob I would have wanted neutered.

  15. Does Drew get to inherit Bob’s pimp-ness?

    How about: “The Price is Right: one of the few places where the government doesn’t regulate and manipulate the price!”

  16. First off, I am very disappointed that no one has made a Rosie crack yet.
    Second off, have you guys seen this?

  17. Rosie; the woman without a smile.

  18. John,

    Are you maybe thinking of Hugh Hefner? TPiR’s models weren’t “20-somethings”, especially when the harassment was alleged to occur. The lead complainant, Dian Parkinson, was born in 1944 and joined the show in 1975 (age 31), and alleged the harassment occured in the late 1980’s; her lawsuit was active 1993-1995.

    Another “Barker Beauty”, Janice Pennington was on the show for 28 (twenty eight!!!) years. Many were on the show for over a decade.

    Blessed were we who stayed home sick from elementary school in the late 80’s — who needs long division when there’s important Price is Right trivia to learn!!!

  19. Drew Carey rules. Libertarian, major soccer fan, and genuinely funny to boot. I can even forgive his Ohio-ness.

  20. Make sure to spay or neuter your congressman.

  21. I remember the Bill Cullen era of The Price Is Right. It was a more serious game then; their one gag was when contestants said, “I’ll freeze”, and the model would come out & put a fur coat on them. Meanwhile Bob Barker was doing Truth Or Consequences, an ostensible game show that was really a vehicle for practical jokes on the ostensible contestants.

  22. What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

  23. Blessed were we who stayed home sick from elementary school in the late 80’s

    Yep; and I STILL turn it on today when I’m home from work.

    (PS. Why does daytime TV suck so hard now? Today’s hundreds of channels combined don’t play anything as good during the day as the 5 channels I grew up with. Grumble.)

  24. In the Sun-Times

    There is a political twist to the “Price” hire. Liberal Rosie O’Donnell had been in the running. Carey goes another way. He has been filming documentaries about medical marijuana and eminent domain for the libertarian Reason Foundation’s upcoming Web site, he said.

    Why no mention of this here? Tell us more.

  25. How about:

    “Look at all those porkers!”

  26. Perhaps Drew may reconsider. After all, TPIR was a beneficiary of FCC intrusion into programming schedules. The FCC limited network progrmming in 1970 and what did most stations run in their new prime time access slot? The Price Is Right.

  27. I remember the Bill Cullen era of The Price Is Right.

    Well, his glasses are back on the show now.

  28. Tom,

    His Ohio-ness is part of his charm, man. You have to be a very tolerant fellow with one hell of a sense of humor to think fondly of this place.

    When you think about it, this place is never as bad as everyone else thinks it is. It’s just that we don’t mind that everyone else thinks that. We like being/sticking up for our own underdog status.

    Drew’s semi-retirement “job” of following around the US National Team and snapping (some really quite good) photos might be in jeopardy. Back in ’05 or ’06, he paid his own way to freakin’ Panama so he could be there to support the boys.

    It’s too bad he supports that filthy LA team instead of Columbus, though.

  29. I guess that “There’s no such thing as a free lunch!” would really work in the context of a game show.

    On second thought, the winning contestants do get dinged for taxes on all their winnings, so…

  30. I dunno, this doesn’t seem like a very good match. I like Drew, but his ‘persona’ doesn’t seem right for this job. Better than Rosie would have been, though.

  31. “Save the planet!”

  32. With Rosie, Bob’s tradition of the host angling for hugs and kisses from the female contestants would have remained unchanged.

    We’ll se how it goes with Drew.

  33. He should go with Long Duk Dong’s Wheel of Fish catch phrase

    “STUPID! You’re so Stupid!”

  34. Say what you will about improv, but he was a great host of “Whose Line”. I think he’ll do just fine.

  35. Warren,

    That’s from UHF, right?

  36. Pro L,

    *ding ding ding ding ding*
    That is correct! Spin the wheel and see what you’ve won

  37. A bass! Can’t wait to take it home to the Bass-O-Matic!

  38. “Don’t lose it all in Lindale!”

  39. BER-WYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Oh, it’s Barker we have to blame for that annoying phrase? “Spay and neuter” is like saying “hens and chickens”. Either you should “neuter” your pet or you should “spay or castrate” your pet.

  41. “Improv troops I mean”

    Actually I think you mean Improv troupes. But hey, it’s not often we get to see a correction that is also wrong. I applaud you for that.

  42. Improv troops would be useful.

  43. I had a little black book of improv weapons when I was a teenager. My mom took it away from me and called the army surplus store where I got it to ask them why they were selling such things to kids. Oddly enough, they denied that they even carried such a book.
    I can still make napalm from household items.

  44. I had an Improv air force as a child.

  45. does reason have to like EVERY celebrity who says their libertarian? i mean i love trey parker/matt stone and penn jillete i used to like more but he gets tiresome after a while he’s a little too much of a cheerleader for the party (and that’s what i used to like about him) if you what the typical libertarian opinion on any issue is, you really don’t need to ask jillette where he stands cause you’ll already know and i guess that’s fine cause he’s geniun and sincere person but it’s not that interesting after a while. plus he loves the sound of his own voice a bit too much and is not smart enough to make it tolerable (for a long time) for me. drew carey i’ve never cared for and think he’s not all that funny.

  46. Do you really, really like massive run-on sentences or are you actually in 6th grade?

  47. I agree with t.j., Carey’s not funny much.

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