Newt Uncut: Now with Charles De Gaulle References!


By the way, this is how Gingrich answered Bill Sammon's question about how Gingrich could run for president with his "baggage." Did he worry about that?

I don't. That's not my problem. I'll take the first half of this sentence and suggest you watch the six hour briefing. It's not my problem. This is like going to De Gaulle when he was at Colombais les Deux Eglises during the Fourth Republic and saying, 'Don't you want to rush in and join the pygmies?' I have no interest in the current political process. I have no interest in trying to figure out how I can go out and raise money under John McCain's insane censorship rules so I can show up to do seven minutes and twenty seconds at some debate. We clocked it, because I was on Hannity and Colmes. The average candidate got seven minutes and twenty seconds, I got 20 minutes on Hannity and Colmes, which had a higher rating than the debate. Now, you want me to give up the 20 minutes in order to run around the country and get asked dumb questions by a celebrity who doesn't know anything?

Gingrich was clearly referring to the Reagan Library debate. The moderator was Chris Matthews.

Jim Geraghty got the impression Gingrich wanted to run for president. I'm less convinced.

If I see anything else interesting on my tape I'll type it up.