Rollins in Mesopotamia


Muscle-bound former Black Flag singer Henry Rollins is just back from some sort of fact-finding mission in Iran. In an interview with PopMatters, Rollins clarifies that he's "not a fan" of the country's millenarian cult leader and expounds on the sinister mainstream media, who, he thinks, is again cheerleading for war.

I think the Bush Administration really wants a war with Iran or something that ends ultimately with us against them and with America's safety at stake. And the media seems to be going along with that. It very well may be true that Iran has a plan for us all to die. I'm not a fan of [Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president], but I know that usually the government is one way and the people are another and the last time Bush said a country-Iraq-was a threat, it turned out not to be true…And this administration is really putting this country-well, at least the media seems to cave into this-and its people on an interesting perception of other countries that is really not very healthy. I just don't think we know the whole story and end up being very insulting, and for America that is very dangerous.

But why are Americans so uninformed, Henry?

It's how much an administration or a president or the media wants to allow you to know. They can give you full disclosure. You can get a film crew into Iran. There's a lot that can be told if the media and the current administration chooses to let the country do so. That's all it really takes. You can get a film crew into almost any country and if you can get a film crew into North Korea you can get into anywhere else.

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