Gimme a Ballot to Bite On


From Massachusetts, America's #1 source for politicians who can't make up their minds, comes a fair-play law for digusted voters:

The proposal would let voters reject all candidates and demand a new election.

"Occasionally, when you get an application for a position, none of them are qualified," said William H. White , a retired systems analyst from East Dennis spearheading the scheme, who testified yesterday before state lawmakers.

The measure, pending before the Legislature, would add the line "None of the Above; For a New Election" to every state and local race on the ballot. If that option won the most votes, another election would be held in 60 to 80 days, and other candidates would be allowed to run.

Normally, I'd say this was a placebo bill. How often are 50 percent plus one voters going to opt out of choosing one of the two parties? But this is Massachusetts, where the Democrats run practically everything, and many legislative districts don't have Dem-GOP battles on the ballot. That makes this a little more interesting, and by extension less likely to pass.