Bush's Approval Ratings in Crapper; Congress's Already in the Septic Tank


Don Surber links to new polls on approval ratings for President Bush and Congress, a.k.a. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Zogby finds that Bush's abysmal thumbs-up ratings have stabilized at around a puny 34 percent (with a 66 percent negative; totals don't add up to 100 due to rounding and extreme displeasure[*]). That's up from a low of 30 percent in December 2006.

Arguably more impressive is the craptacularly low approval rating of Congress:

While Bush's job approval rating has stabilized, opinion of the work Congress is doing continues to plummet. The Zogby poll shows just 14% give Congress positive marks, while 83% give it negative marks - this in the wake of an acrimonious scrimmage over immigration reform that failed to pass muster in the Senate and died, experts have said, until after the 2008 presidential election….

The Democratic Congress gets poor marks across the ideological spectrum - just 21% of liberals and 10% of the very liberal give it positive marks, while 14% of conservatives and 14% of the very conservative give it positive ratings. Among Democrats, just 19% give Congress positive marks, compared to 13% of Republicans and 8% of political independents.

By way of comparison, the Republican Congress had a 23% positive job approval rating last October, just a week before voters tossed the GOP out of their leadership posts in both houses.

One in four likely voters (25%) said they think the nation is headed in the right direction, while 64% said they think things are off on the wrong track….

More here.

As Surber notes, "It took 12 years for Republicans to drop to 23%. Dems already are down to 14%. That means even Mom is starting to wonder about you. 14% job approval. Nixon did better. On the day he left office!"

[*]: As a commenter below notes, totals do add up to 100! D'oh.