Sen. Jay Rockefeller Wants to Regulate Your Cable


West Virginia's 70-year-old junior senator is pushing forward legislation that would extend Federal Communications Commission control over cable and satellite content:

The long-awaited Rockefeller TV-violence bill will be introduced before the August recess, says Steven Broderick, press secretary to Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.). The bill would give the FCC the power to regulate violence on cable and satellite, as well as on broadcast.

It will also likely require the FCC to define indecent violent content, a call the FCC punted to Congress in a report it issued several months ago….

"We fully understand that the bill has a long way to go," says Broderick. "If it gets through the Congress and is signed by the president"-an admitted long shot-"we expect court challenges." Given the nature of this legislation, he says, "our job is to create a proposal we believe will survive."

He also is buoyed by the change in congressional leadership. A similar bill that Rockefeller introduced in 2005 did not go anywhere.

"Last time, Congress was under different management," says Broderick. "Times have changed, and programming on TV has changed."

He says to look for more hearings on TV violence in the coming months.

More here.

Reason on why giving the FCC the right to regulate cable and satellite (and hell, even broadcast TV and radio) is a bad idea here and here.

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  1. somebody ought to do something about Senator Rockefeller....for the children.

  2. shit, does this thing have a good chance of passing?

  3. Wait, you guys actually had to write something to explain why this is a bad idea?

  4. What ever happened to those libertarian Democrats I heard so much about?

  5. So much for the ownership of the publc airwaves making broadcast TV a special case, eh Senator?


    None of them were named "Jay Rockefellar." I don't recall the stories about how every Democrat would now be a libertarian, could you put the link up?

  6. It's probably just me, but whenever I see the words 'junior senator' my eyes somehow compress them to 'janitor'.

  7. Honestly, he who fucks with my Sopranos will end up like...well, you've seen The Sopranos.

    (And yes, I know it's completed its run. The larger point still stands.)

  8. They can get cable in West Virginia?

  9. joe says: "I don't recall the stories about how every Democrat would now be a libertarian, could you put the link up?"

    The problem is that NONE of the Democrats in Congress is acting like a libertarian. They promised an end to the Iraq War, and instead continued funding it, and are pushing a higher minimum wage and socialized medicine. That's why Congress now has an approval rating lower than Bush's -- people don't much appreciate the bait-and-switch that took place.

  10. Hmm, maybe he can go the way of fellow lifetime-junior-senator, Fritz Hollings.

  11. They can get cable in West Virginia?

    No, but anywhere you go in rural America, you will see satellite dishes on the trailers. They're more ubiquitous than cars on blocks.

  12. There are satellite dishes in Vermont next to houses with walls you could throw a cat through.

  13. Wir in ur caybl boxz
    Regulatin ur f-bomz

  14. a tip o' the halo from jerry falwell's ghost. why worry about the organized evangelicals' desired limits on free speech when the democrats are happy to do the same thing, just faster?

  15. joe: To be fair, if you're sufficiently motivated you can throw a cat through just about anything.

  16. there you go again, Timothy. Shilling for Big Pussy...

  17. Wow... VM wins hands down. Bravo!

  18. I'm sure the cable industry has access to a lobbyist or three to help shoot this down.

  19. Ya know, there just aren't many septugenarians who get referred to as "junior".

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