Rudy the Neo-Con


From the Rudy '08 campaign:

Rudy Giuliani Announces Foreign Policy Team Members

Charles Hill to serve as Chief Foreign Policy Advisor; Norman Podhoretz joins as a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor

That'd be this Norman Podhoretz.

Print version of "The Case for Bombing Iran" here.

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  1. Maybe Rudy’s thinking like statistically ignorant baseball fans of a hitter in a slump – he’s due!

  2. I think I read some of this guys articles in the New York Post. This guy was kissing Bush’s ass the whole way if I remember correctly.

  3. Rudy the Neo-Con

    Uh, was there ever any doubt?

  4. Oh c’mon now. Podheretz is clearly a libertarian. Just ask Eric D.

  5. Not just a neo-con. An unchastended neo-con, who continues to see Iraq as a great success that should be emulated elsewhere.

    There are quite a few chastened neo-cons. But, apparently, Rudy isn’t among them.

  6. In other words, appointing this fool to a position in his would-be administration doesn’t do anything to change my estimation of Rudy’s candidacy.

  7. MP, we don’t know if he’s pro-choice on abortion, so we can’t make that determination.

  8. Rudy has to be an an uber-hawk’s hawk. Its the only thing he has going for him with the Republican base. Take out foreign policy, and hes a Republican Lite.

  9. Podhoretz comes across as a version of someone’s belligerent uncle who wants to avenge every slight to the US. He isn’t much smarter, but his vocabulary and tone make it seem that way.

  10. Anybody that opens a foreign policy article with this–

    Although many persist in denying it, I continue to believe that what Sept 11, 2001, did was to plunge us headlong into nothing less than another world war. I call this new war World War IV, because I also believe that what is generally known as the Cold War was actually World War III, and that this one bears a closer resemblance to that great conflict than it does to World War II.

    Is not worth listening to. My brain turns off after reading “World War IV”.

  11. Jesus those guys just won’t go down. We need a neocon blacklist like they had for commies in the 50s. Any association with PNAC, you can’t get near power and you can’t get work.

    Still, I would like to know their secret for being constantly wrong, all the time, about everything, and turning turds into gold.

  12. Is there someplace we can place bets on who’s next after Iran?

    You’d think the Norks would be next, but I’ve got a good feeling about Qatar. Al Jazeera, you know. Clearly troublemakers.

  13. David Weigel,

    Doesn’t your hand ever get tired?

  14. Iranian soveriegnty notwithstanding, I thought comparing Ahmenedijad (sp) to Hitler was very telling. Never thought I’d start buying into the whole “zionist” screed, but I imagine also in Podheretz’ filing cabinet (some dustier than others):

    1) The Case for Bombing Pakistan
    2) The Case for Bombing Saudi Arabia
    3) The Case for Bombing Indonesia

  15. Cesar,

    It sounds like Podhoertz took his getting-to-the-point lessons from Ron Paul. 🙁

  16. Not-so-great minds do indeed think alike:

    I assume both sites are on the same time zone, meaning that MattY (“the sky’s so blue!”) is probably just a faster typist than Weigel.

  17. cesar,

    Continue to bury your head in the sand. The words WW IV too scary for you? Thank god we do not need to rely on wimps like you to defend America.

  18. My apologies in advance for the mental image, but I can hear Eric Dondero orgasming all the way from here.

  19. “Is not worth listening to. My brain turns off after reading “World War IV”.”

    Enjoy your bliss!

  20. Yes, clearly it is the bravest of the brave who think we are facing a threat comparable to that posed by the Axis circa 1941. Anybody who finds this hyperventilating to be an overwrought overstatement of the threat is unmanly.

    I think we can add a couple more to Orwell’s list:

    Living in fear equals bravery.
    Lack of fear equals wimpishness.

    You stay under your bed, me, while the real men go about their lives.

  21. “The words WW IV too scary for you?”

    I can only speak for myself, but Podhoretz’s talk of WWIV reminds me of an old sociology professor of mine who lamented that some scientists were ruining the “culture” of the !Kung (a modern, stone-age people) by introducing trade (offering them medicines and clothing in exchange for their stories).

    Both are abstract problems that exist only in the mind of detached academics with nothing better to think about.

    It’s worth remembering that Podhoretz was one of the “crazies in the basement,” as Reagan was fond of calling him and his friend, Richard Perle. It’s also worth remembering that he thought Reagan’s lack of abject Bellicosity towards the Soviet Union was losing the cold war, and said so as recently as 1986.

  22. “me” is a comment terrorist. He attacks without warning, then runs away without responding to any questions. Nobody expects me.

    Wait, he’s more like the Spanish Inquisition.

  23. Me is the retard fascist troll of the thread. Everyone point and laugh at the troll. Ha ha ha. What a perfect example of the idiocy dragging this great country through the latrine of history.

    I would suggest that everyone kick him in the face, but he probably likes it.

  24. Just to clarify, the next war involving a large number of nations will be World War III. Not IV, V, VI, or a number to be named later.

    How soon we forget what a real world war is.

    Anyway, the Cold War was WW 2.1. The terrorist stuff isn’t even remotely a world war.

  25. I think that the White House and the neocons belong to the Hitler of the Month club.

  26. Looks like Iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon. What should we do?

    Let’s start by invading and occupying two of it’s neighbors. That should convince them they needn’t worry about self defense.

    Dang, that didn’t work. How can we convince them to give up their weapons?

    Bomb em…

  27. Our casus belli for invading Iran is simple. We just state in our declaration of war that we only recently realized that Iran had violated international law by taking our embassy hostage. Yes, it’s a rather delayed reaction, but we’ve been busy with other things over the last quarter century.

  28. Continue to bury your head in the sand. The words WW IV too scary for you?

    No, they are just ridiculous. World War III hasn’t happened because Im sitting here typing this, not six feet underground or foraging for food in radioactive rubble.

    Thank god we do not need to rely on wimps like you to defend America.

    Defend America? No, people like you want to defend anything but America. You want to defend Israel. You want to defend Iraq. You want to police the entire Middle East, at the expense of American blood and treasure. No thanks. I don’t take my advice from foreign nations that don’t have our best interests at heart, and neither should you.

    Lets compare

    Nazi Germany–First class army, first class air force, first class navy, some of the best technological minds in the world and a good industrial base.

    Soviet Union–a continent-sized superpower with hundred of millions of people, a vast industrial base, the largest army in the world, and enough missiles to blow up the world 100 times over.

    Iran–third world, impoverished oil-dependent theocracy with backwards 1960s-era military technology and about as much political cohesion as a bucket of scorpions.

    Question–which one these is not that scary?

  29. I don’t know, man, a bucket of scorpions sounds really scary!

  30. “””Anyway, the Cold War was WW 2.1. The terrorist stuff isn’t even remotely a world war.”””


  31. Are the scorpions radioactive? ‘Cause that would be really scary.

  32. Have the scorpions been deep fried? With a little butter, it sounds yummy. Much better than the Brots and Borscht of WWII and WWII.I

  33. Just in case Guliani’s insincere mugging at the Republican debates wasn’t convincing enough, this should put the final nail in his campaign.

  34. It’s worth remembering that Podhoretz was one of the “crazies in the basement,” as Reagan was fond of calling him and his friend, Richard Perle.

    It’s a fine line between evil fanatical idealogue and crazy. Perle, I think, is just on the side of fanatical, while Podhoretz has crossed into the crazy zone, along with the likes of Laurie Myrolie.

  35. Aw, man, the Iranians are holding the Scorpions hostage? That sucks. Will the Germans take action? What of Klaus Meine?

  36. ProGLib – we asked them, but they said nothing…
    hier are the details…

    Cesar – “me” is simply upset that he couldn’t curl up with his penis-shaped pillow last night…

  37. The scorpions are enriched, fine, but are they highly enriched?

  38. Is this guy totally clueless?
    The BIG LIE that is constantly used is that Iran is rushing to build nuclear weapons, but there is no evidence about this. Under the NPT, Iran has a right to enrich uranium, but the constant lie is that they’re doing that to build nuclear weapons.

    Look this up online: Iran proposes peace with U.S. in 2003.
    Iran proposed normal relations with U.S. and to recognize Israel AND put their nuclear program on the table. All they wanted was to get rid of sanctions and to be respected.

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