Young Farfour Plays It Safe


Jesse Walker blogged the news last week but it's really worth watching the actual finale of the Farfour saga. (If you've got issues with watching a video cut by MEMRI, wash the taste away with Tim Cavanaugh's immortal "Making a MEMRI.")

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  1. mmmmmmmmm…yummy Farfour tears….mmmmmmm…

  2. Maybe the Palistinians need some multicultural sensitivity training or some diversity training? Perhaps the “religion of peace” isn’t all that peaceful?

    And beating a mouse to death, where’s PETA on this thing?

  3. All I can say is, God that mouse’s voice is annoying.

  4. A: that voice is, indeed the platonic ideal of annoying

    B: I felt kind of surprised – in America, kids shows (batman aside) don’t usually include the main character’s loved ones dying

    C: That grandpa must have had some kinky animal-sex for one of his offspring to look like a cartoon mouse.

  5. Man, grandpa really set Farfour up.

    Now, we must release our glorious chickens and fish to martyr themsleves for our people.

  6. “No, we’re not the kind of people who sell their land to terrorists.”

    = Farfour’s amicus brief on Kelo?

  7. “The documents” = Lenny Bruce on the Crucifixion: “OK, we did it. We found a note in the basement: ‘We did him in. Signed, Morty.'”

  8. Actually, given the title of this thread, does that mean that the grandfather of Farfour I is actually Farfour IV, due to an accident with a time machine and a contraceptive?

  9. That was so good I’m gonna have to get stoned and watch it again. And again and again.

    I’ll probly get a fever from laughing.

  10. For a brief moment, I thought the key that Farfour was getting from his grandfather was a gun. Would have made perfect sense to me (not that I’m condoning violence, just expecting others to).

  11. the grandfather looks like he’s about 25.

    what’s arabic for “ed wood?”

  12. I didn’t know Jamie Foxx spoke Arabic. Talented dude.

  13. Great piece by Cavanaugh too.

  14. Sure wish the links in Tim Cavanaugh’s article worked.

  15. heh, heh…
    Young Far four-plays it safe 🙂


  16. See ya in Hell, Farfour!

  17. You know, the Palestinians are really screwed now since they’ve raised the wrath of Disney.

  18. I laughed. I cried. It was much better than CATS.

  19. Also, I think the “Jew” must be Sammy Davis, Jr.

  20. holy shit

  21. I made a better movie than this as a child on the first day my family had a movie camera, and I was not a bright kid.

  22. Also, I think the “Jew” must be Sammy Davis, Jr.

    That would have been too cool…

    SAMMY: You know Farfour, you’re beautiful people…
    (audience applauds)

    FARFOUR: Thanks Sammy…for an infidel and murderer of children and raper of women and subjugation of my land you’re beautiful people too…

    SAMMMY: No Farfour…YOU are beautiful people…have you ever dug the story about how I got this Star of David medal? Eddie Cantor gifted it to me. And the only night since he did that I *haven’t* worn the medal was the night of the accident that cost me my eye.

    (audience applauds wildly as a new guests strolls onto the set)

    SAMMY: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Frank Sinatra!!

    FRANK: Enough of the chitty-chit-chat Smokey, get the documents and the key from your guest and send him packing already!

    ((As Farfour protests and resists, he’s met immediately by Jilly Rizzo and a couple of other Sinatra “associates” as the screen fades to black…

  23. The title clearly refers to the short story at the end of this book.

  24. It should be noted that this Farfour character, besides being copyright infringement, is child abuse. Teaching kids at the age of three to hate the Jews on the basis of a beloved cartoon character is most evil.

    And since they’re brainwashed like that, the prescriptions of how to deal with Amalek make more sense today than when they were written in the bible 4,000 or so years ago. How does one deprogram such brainwashing?

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