Howley on Red Eye Tonight


I'll be staffing the reason desk at Red Eye tonight at 2am ET on Fox News.

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  1. Ha, red eye is still such garbage, why does FOX even bother with thier daily show knockoffs?

  2. Kerry,
    No way I’m awake at that hour, but rest assured I’ll be thinking of you šŸ˜‰

  3. Oh Warren, you really know how to make a gal feel special.

  4. why does FOX even bother with thier daily show knockoffs?

    A better question is why does Kerry keep doing this show? Kerry, you are better than this piece of shit show. If the match of you and Red Eye were any more lopsided, CBS would have a sitcom where you were Red Eye’s wife.

  5. Out of sheer curiosity:

    Do those “regular talking head pundit” gigs on news shows pay, or are they just kind of for fun and/or promotion of self/publication?

  6. Gimme Dog: That’s a great idea for a sitcom. This chunky working-class guy, named Redeye, is always getting himself into trouble, and he has this hot, smarter wife, Kerry. Hilarity ensues as they tangle with their wacky neighbors, parents aand in-laws, with misunderstandings and little lies that spin out of control.

    We’ll call it Still Standing in Queens for Life, Accordingly.

  7. BTW, I finally caught Red Eye recently. (No one I know was on it.) It was kind of funny, in a bunch-of-college-friends-sitting-around-deliberately-trying-to-be-funny kind of way. Although I was also a little drunk.

    Tonight I should be home and up late, and I’ve got a couple of leftover Kahlua mudslides in the fridge, so I’m looking forward to this.

  8. Stevo,
    Sounds alot like Everybody loves, the Happy Honeymooners Days, With Children

  9. Stevo,

    I agree with you about the vibe of the show, but to my sensibility at least, they seem like that group of friends where after 10 minutes you look around and realize all your funny friends went home early.

    I do think that ombudsman guy is at least somewhat funny. The host (Greg G–?) is just painful.

  10. question to the editors:

    Has the semi-frequent presence of Reason staffers on this show helped boost subscription/hit rates at all?

    Just curious. There must be some benefit to all of this endless latenite snarking. Unless one lives only to snark. I havent ever seen the show, but the clips i’ve seen are like… a bunch of smart asses quipping together. sitting still. Thats usually what i’m already doing at 2AM with my friends, only we’re all half-cocked, jumping around and doing routines, about to either do a group Shotgun or some shots before collapsing into giving each other dead-arms and getting increasingly vulgar, likely to break things, losing focus and hitting on someone’s girlfriend, etc.

    Meaning, the show is like… people just hanging out, sans alcohol. the host…whatshisname, Gutfield? Acts like he’s coked up. I never liked coke people.

    My point? you should all have beers on the show. And also, commentators should bust Gutfields balls until they drive him into coke-rage and he starts a fight… that would really drive up ratings. That, or howley should flirt with gutfield then suddenly turn on him and crush his sense of worth. Then flirt with someone else. ay yai yai

    also, yeah… tell me whether it has any reciprocal benefits

  11. funny, i wrote that post without reading anything anyone else had said – and everyone else already seems to have already said the same thing.

    ho hum

  12. Hey, you guys! Kerry Howley escaped the Red Eye ghetto — here she appears during a regular newscast doing point/counterpoint with a spokesman from MADD:

    So, I wonder if the appearances on Red Eye have helped Kerry get invited to appear on the regular news bit? (Also on Fox.)

    Reason has added a lot of clips to its YouTube page in the past week. And the Red Eye clips show that Kerry Howley is even hotter now than she was before. Dear God, is that even possible?

    (That last comment was irrelevant and inappropriate, but this crazy cracker just don’t give a fuck!)

  13. It’s illegal, it’s illegal, it’s illegal. Case closed. We have to send the message that it’s illegal.

  14. What I took away from the MADD v. Reason kerfluffle were three things:
    1. Isn’t it Mothers Against Drunk Driving? How is a guy a member? Shouldn’t he be in FADD?
    2. “Fox’s Red Eye Tuberculosis” is not a phrase one should include in a YouTube title
    3. Kerry Howley has drooling internet fanboys EVERYWHERE (See the most recent comment on the video, and I’m just assuming that he’s not confessing his non-sexual admiration, as one might for Nick Gillespe)

  15. Incarcerex isn’t just for politicians anymore. Now it can help private pressure groups like MADD, too.

  16. I spent some time going through the Kerry Howley clips until distracted by Girls French Kissing clips and then i got bored with that so I’m back now.

  17. “I feel sorry for those yet to be probed.”

    I’ve watched all one hundred and one episodes of Red Eye, at least twice. I’m a big fan of the show, and Kerry is one of the reasons why I love it. She’s a great guest! She’s gosh-awfully funny and plays off Gutfeld’s cerebral dirty jokes really quite well.

    Those Youtube clips floating around are not really the best representations of the show. They’re just sanitized, wholesome teasers. Usually the first few minutes of the show, just when everyone’s warming up and trying to work a rhythm so they can get their digs in. If any of you actually watch the entire program you’ll see why people like Kerry keep coming back. You’ll see that she actually enjoys it and has good laughs while she’s there. It is sad that I still have to EXPLAIN these things to you.

    Red Eye is a delirious hailstorm of blowholes, sausage skins, and unruly pubes. It’s jolly good awesome. You suckers are missing out. I hope Kerry ignores all your barren, moronic faux-profundities and keeps doing the show.

  18. “Shouldn’t he be in FADD?”

    Does that stand for [offensive term for gays] Against Drunk Driving? My gaydar was blipping like mad watching that guy.

  19. Guantanamo came up last night.

    Greg Gutfeld: Kerry, don’t prisoners at Guantanamo live better than most people in the world?

    Kerry: Well, Michael Moore tells me Cuba has great health care…

    Ha! Michael Moore! That’s gold, Kerry. Really, there’s nothing funnier than people yukking it up about the death of the republic/smugly highlighting world poverty. But here’s how that should have gone.

    Greg Gutfeld: Kerry, don’t prisoners at Guantanamo live better than most people in the world?

    Kerry: Um, fuck you.

  20. Kerry, you do know you can decline television interview invitations, right?

  21. “Red Eye” blows. They have a great time cracking each other up. Too bad few other people the lamewad guests are funny.

  22. Awww. It’s too bad you don’t like Red Eye. I’m thinking about you right now and. . .

    well, let’s just say I’ve found a new use for my belly button.

  23. Col. Dubois, I’m no bigot…it’d be FATHERS.

  24. Fuck off, this is not an insult Red Eye topic. And whats with all these losers that drool over Kerry? Get a life!

  25. I’d Tivo it but I’m out of tapes.

  26. Wooohooo! RED EYE! I have like, boxes upon boxes of Red Eye on VHS tapes. . . . Yup, I have no life. Woe is me. But hey, I can enjoy the convenience of drooling at my leisure!

    Notice is hereby given: I am a lust-crazed lustbucket for Kerry Howley’s eloquence.

    Believe it or else.

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