Declare Victory and Go Home


Poking around for something else I found this credulous blog post about the Victory Caucus, praising it (a little) for doing to Republicans what liberal blogs could do to Democrats. I wanted to see if my hopes held up, whether the Victory Caucus had blossomed into a blog or PAC that was funding primary challenges against Republicans like Florida's Ric Keller, whom Hugh Hewitt once pledged to crush under the boots of a million well-muscled Victory Caucusers.

Well, no, it hasn't.

It's been two months since there was any action on the Victory Caucus site, a post by NZ Bear announcing that "after consideration among the Board of Directors" (referred to elsewhere as the "Board of Governors") the group was splitting up into a 501c4 and a PAC. No other action on the prospective 501c4 since then, and the Victory PAC site consists of a pledge form and three blog posts, the most recent from April 27.

Why just a pledge form instead of a full-scale donation box? Because the PAC never launched. I checked with the FEC and the IRS and while there already is an organization called the "Victory PAC," it's been around for years—it's not the pro-war group.