Gillespie on Fox News' Red Eye Tonight, 2 A.M. ET


reason Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie will be on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, which airs at 2 A.M. ET tonight on The Fox News Channel.

More info here.

Gillespie's last appearance on the show here.

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  1. Someone called their tv show the Red Eye. That really chaps my ass.

  2. Yeah, it’s right after The Chapped Ass.

  3. Nick,
    Do me a favor. Infuse your comments on air with copious sexual innuendo. Then when someone makes a lewd comment on it (‘bouncy bouncy’ e.g.) get some other guys to go off on how offensive and socially repugnant they are.

  4. And kick Greg Gutfeld in the taint.

  5. Warren,

    Yeah sure. Just like women who wear miniskirts are asking to be raped, har dee har.

  6. crimethink,
    Not raped, just whistled at.

  7. Don’t forget your American flag lapel pin! Don’t want the mouth-breathers at FNC thinking you’re agin the War on Terror.

    Break a leg tonight (or tomorrow morning). I’ll be soundly asleep, cheering you on.

  8. Seriously, I can’t emphasize this enough: you don’t have to accept every invitation to go on TV. “Red eye” might be the worst show ever.

  9. The show is actually growing on me.

  10. Wow, how embarassing must it be to appear on that show? What’d they do, spend 5 minutes on ad hominem attacks on Jimmy Carter? Yay, what fun! The right-wing version of The Daily Show — just MORE incisive, relevant, witty, and mature!

    You can do better than that Gillespie, bantering with a bunch of D-list pundits/comedians.

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