Balko on the Hill


I'll be testifying on Capitol Hill tomorrow as part of House Crime Subcommittee Chairman Bobby Scott's "Crime Summit."  My topic is the militarization of domestic police departments.

I've also been tentatively invited to testify on July 19th, when Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers will hold hearings on the Kathryn Johnston raid.

NEXT: Playing Hooky with Rudy G.

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  1. Mr. Balko,

    Feel free to be flummoxed. Also, remember some of the advise from the internet gambling thread:

    “Huh? Are these real questions?”

    Use “dumbass” instead of “Congressman.”

  2. Give’em hell Radley

  3. Use “dumbass” instead of “Congressman.”

    oh please oh please!

    And also talk slow and use finger quotes.

  4. If Radley Balko calls any sitting Congressman (save Ron Paul) a “dumbass” while testifying, I hereby pledge that I will personally send him a check for $100, and will buy any t-shirt commemorating the event that the market may provide. I invite everyone else on this board to do the same.

  5. If asked if you are trying to show contempt of Congress, remember the proper answer is “No, I’m trying to hide it.”

  6. Additionally, if Mr. Balko calls a Congressman “asshat,” “shitbird,” or “fuckstick” during the testimony, I’ll make it $200.

  7. Go Radley! *cheers, waves pom-poms*

  8. Jake,
    I will match you.

  9. D.A.:

    Maybe “No sir, just you,” might actually thread the needle…

  10. I’ll match the $100/200 as well.

  11. If asked if you are trying to show contempt of Congress, remember the proper answer is “No, I’m trying to hide it.”

    It’s marginally safer to use, “I refuse to answer on the grounds that I will incriminate myself.”

  12. I’m in for $100, or $200, in the case of “asshat.” I’d also buy a DVD of the event to play on infinite loop.

  13. Mr. Balko is as popular with congressional committees as Ms. Howley is with Red Eye! Of course, the intelligence level of the folks on Red Eye is a step above that of your average Congress-creature, but still.

  14. Seriously, Keep cool and be prepared with facts.

    On the lighter side, I kinda like Wanker for addressing a congressperson. I mean it has been used in the House of Commons. Precedence and all that.

  15. Count me in for $100 or $200 as well!

    Give ’em hell, Radley.

  16. What, exactly, qualifies you to testify?

  17. Oh, and don’t handout printed copies of this thread.

  18. Eye rolling is permitted during testimony. If called out on it, talk about your war wound.

  19. Radley:

    I saw your You-tube post of your congressional testimony about internet gambling. When you mentioned that concept that what people do in the privacy of their own homes is none of the Feds business, I could swear I saw utter contempt from some of those dumbasses.

    By the way, I will contribute $100.00 to your bail if you call one those dumbasses a dumbass.

  20. Radley “Most Important Journalist of the Early 21st Century” Balco, I await the video with bated breath.

  21. Here comes VM.

  22. If you hire former military as police, then what do you expect to get?

    If police are also in the guard and reserve,
    what do you expect to get?

  23. Radley, I hope your testimony has more substance than that offered re internet gambling. Your contribution across a range of topics is excellent, but the platitudes mouthed on the gambling subject (in your testimony) were.. just so DISMISSABLE. What was the point of such a barefaced, bare-bones ‘privacy of our own homes’ approach? Who were you trying to reach/convince with that testimony?

    Now I know absolutely nothing at all about the logistics of testimony before congressional committees, maybe that’s the level to which all such testimony reaches. If so, why waste your time?

  24. Put me down for $100.

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