Driving Mr. Funkhouser


Terrifying Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser was offered a free Honda Civic from a local dealership, said "yes," and is facing blowback for taking the expensive (city-approved) gift.

Funkhouser called the concerns much ado about nothing.

He said there is nothing illegal about him accepting the Civic when one becomes available in a few weeks. There is no additional cost to the city, he said, and Honda of Tiffany Springs expects nothing in return other than free publicity.

He said he cannot afford a new car.

"It is a nice new car," he said. "The new mayor is not mentally challenged. Somebody offers you a brand new car you take it."

Duke Cunningham pauses in his prison cell, looks up from up the tiny model of the "Dukestir" he's building, and wishes he thought of that excuse.

Obviously if elected officials are going to take gifts, "well-publicized and declared" is the way to go.