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This is pretty terrific: Alaska State Rep. Vic Kohring, charged for bribery, extortion, and conspiracy, does not resign. Instead he publishes an op-ed asking people to contact him and tell him whether he should resign. That's leadership, folks.

The judge informed the attorneys he doesn't want the case tried in the press. Nevertheless, the media has made such a battleground around my situation that I don't really blame those who, having read only what the media tells them, have jumped on the "Resign-now bandwagon."

I have sought advice from family, friends and supporters on whether or not it is in the best interest of everyone involved to remain in the Legislature while these charges create a cloud over me. I ask you, my constituents, to provide me your sincere opinions on whether or not I should remain or step down.

My email is My mailing address is 600 E. Railroad Ave., Wasilla, AK 99654. My phone is (907) 373-1842 and my fax is: (907) 373-4729.

I very much wish to be free to tell you in detail why I'm innocent. However, I have been advised by my attorney not to discuss my pending trial so as not to jeopardize my defense.

Let's talk! No, not about that! Incidentally, this is how I see Hillary Clinton's YouTube "conversations" going a couple of months into her first term.

(Via the great Laura McGann.)

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  2. Finding one lonely “please stay in office” letter among the hundreds of “get out, you asshat” missives does not mean that public opinion on the matter is mixed.

    I suspect the representative will fail to comprehend that distinction once the letters start arriving.

  3. Perfect political cover: Get the old ladies to send you nice letters because they like your tie, then contrast them with letters from angry resident, who, by their anger, will appear irrational. And, all the while, appearing to be a man of the people.

    Well played, Vic, you spineless douche bag…

  4. I love how every public figure who ever is brought up on charges is completely innocent yet cannot tell their side of the story because it would screw with their defense.

    And they’re dying to get “their side of the story” out, so they can be “completely exonerated”.

  5. Don’t let the bastards wear you down Vic! You can beat this buddy. Don’t give up the fight! Make em pay every step of the way! We’re with you brother. Keep swinging.

  6. He should resign for the crime of adding the superfluous “or not” to his “whether” scenarios.

  7. Maybe you should email him, ed, or not.

  8. See? The refusal of politicians to take responsibility for their actions would be irrelevant if the Censor (in this case, the state government variety) were around:

    Vic Kohring: You are hereby removed from office, effective immediately, and are banned from political office for life. Thanks for playing, and please pick up your consolation prize as you leave. Johnny, what does Vic get today?

  9. Y-o-u-l-i-b-e-r-t-a-r-i-a-n-s (TM) should object that any response he gets is corrupted because respondants are forced to use a federal agency for mail.

  10. …forced to use a federal agency for mail.

    What happened to FedEx or UPS?

  11. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? One less crook in the legislature isn’t going to make a difference anyway.

  12. What will have happened to FedEx or UPS?

    There ya go. No charge.

  13. crimethink,

    Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion. We’re not talking about depriving someone of life, liberty, or property here. Just about kicking him out of office. And it’s not like these bozos get less due process than Joe American does when he loses his job.

    As for the criminal angle, well, that still uses the court system and all their presumptions. Which, incidentally, don’t apply to me. I think the bastard is guilty, and I know nothing about the case 🙂

  14. You people calling for him to resign are fools. If he resigns, another thieving two-faced bastard will just pop up in his place. If he stays in office, he’ll be impotent as long as he has this cloud hanging over him. He will be the best Rep in the house. That is to say, he’ll do the least amount of damage. Plus, you know, scandal. I’ll make the popcorn.

  15. Nah, we’ve tried that before. Everyone is coated with Teflon, nowadays. Survive a scandal, and everyone forgets and forgives. If you ask me, the Censor should purge the rolls arbitrarily from time to time, just to keep these assholes from getting too entrenched.

  16. If you ask me, the Censor should purge the rolls arbitrarily from time to time, just to keep these assholes from getting too entrenched.

    Term limits, eh?

  17. Term limits are grand, but I was thinking of removal before the end of their terms. For pretty much anything smacking of immorality, illegality, bad taste, or unethicalness 🙂

  18. Pro Lib,
    You might be on to something. But I think we should drop the pretext, it will just become a tool of corruption. Removal should be by random chance.

  19. I still think that when the Censor is established, he should have the money and resources to have each elected official (and senior appointee, for that matter) tracked and monitored 24/7, 365.2425. If anything untoward is observed, the individual assigned to such monitoring will have the authority to taser the politician in question. Zaaaap!

  20. Pro Lib: That’s a good idea. In fact, everyone bounced from a jury list should be called for Monitor Duty, where they spend a month (paid at some standard rate) observing politicians. Everyone should have 3 to check up on, and every politician should have 3 monitors. If two agree to zap them, they get zapped.

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