Rage Against the Farkingmachines


In the Orlando Weekly Jeffrey Billman profiles a porn webmaster and his lawyer who are trying, in vain, to patent the name "fuckingmachines." What seemed like a terrific, rolls-off-your-tongue name for a smut site butted up against patent laws that prevent "profanities" from becoming part of a trademark.

According to the office's website, there have been 39 trademark petitions that include the word "fuck," five that have "fucking" – including one attempt to trademark the word itself – one with "cunt" and at least 50 with "shit," again including at least one person who tried to trademark the word itself. None have been approved, though a handful of cases, like "fuckingmachines," are still pending. "Bitch," by the way, has been allowed in most cases. There are at least 135 approved trademarks that include the word "ass."

But Acworth was also denied a trademark for "whippedass," though that decision was later reversed.

It's all happening in Florida (and California), of course.