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Alex Jones' Infowars Reporter Arrested in the Spin Room


About 10 minutes after the debate ended, reporters from Alex Jones' Infowars confronted Ed Goeas, who was spinning for Rudy Giuliani, and loudly asked what the mayor knew about 9/11. I rolled tape as Goeas took the bait, asking "Where are your credentials?" and "Do any real reporters have some questions?" But someone finally wrangled security and the reporter was escorted out, followed by a phalanx of cameramen.

It was surreal and I did a lot of interviewing after that moment (of, you know, the stuff I was actually covering), so it's a bit of a blur, but I'll post and upload the video a little later.

UPDATE: OK, here it is. The reporter was Matt Lepacek. I apologize for the quality of the video and for the occasional botched shot of the action. Quick rundown of the three (back-to-back clips):

1) Lepacek confronts Goeas as increasingly bewildered reporters look on. Goeas walks away and is sandwiched between Lepacek and Infowars' Luke Rudowski. Eventually, security pulls Lepacek away and he's arrested.
2) Rudowski is yanked out of the spin room.
3) Rudowski explains what just happened.

I don't know who said "You should ask your own candidate these questions, sir." I'm guessing it was a dig at Ron Paul, of course.