The Democratic Circus


Ah, the "free speech zone"—pioneered by college administrators, fine-tuned by the Bush administration, perfected by CNN. Before last night's debate the hundreds of boosters of Clinton/Obama/Dodd/whoever who braved the seasonal June mists and sub-60 degree temperatues. I've applied my considerable video editing skills to the tape I recorded walking into the rally pen. A minute or so of walking into the pen is followed by a walk alongside the pen. The fresh-scrubbed young folks are not screaming for reason: James Carville was walking right ahead of me.

I'm continuing to put up video from the debate. Here's Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, an Obama endorser, explaining why it looked like the senator was putting the audience to sleep. (I'm having trouble compressing a video of Dennis Kucinich, but luckily it's less interesting than I remembered: He says neither a Democrat who voted for the war and against funding nor a candidate who votes for funding, period can win. So he took a little dig at Hillary then extended his range to hit everyone else.)

NEXT: "Come as you are"

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  1. FELLAS!

    I just checked a poll at Little Green Footballs. It has Ron Paul winning the Democrat debate last night (I voted for him, too).

    Truthers of the world unite!

  2. I like the shot at the end, where all those people are jammed into that tiny space.

    It’s like Bill Lundberg walked up to them and took their staplers and said, “Yeah…We’re going to need you to just…squeeze…together a little bit more…Yeah…”

  3. I’d simply note that these things really aren’t “debates.” They are more like multi-candidate speeches.

  4. Is it wrong to think that anyone dumb enough to confine themselves to a “free speech zone” probably doesn’t have anything interesting or intelligent to say?

  5. Oh, and I forgot:

    “Woooooooooooooooo go Chris Dodd!!!”

  6. unless you somehow got kucinich to explain how he ended up so insanely over-chicked, I’m not interested.

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