Balko Speaks


A few places where I'll be speaking over the next couple of weeks:

•  On Friday, I'll be testifying before the House Banking Committee in a hearing on Rep. Barney Frank's bill to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006.

•  On Saturday, I'll be speaking at the Institute for Justice's Castle Coalition conference on how to use blogs to generate publicity for government abuse.

•  On June 16th, I'll be speaking at the ACLU's biennial board meeting in Seattle on the topic of confidential drug informants.

NEXT: Mike Gravel on Drugs

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  1. My brothers, these are not the words of a great hunter or a great warrior or a great traveler, although I have made much meat in my time and have fought for my people as boy and man and have gone far and seen strange lands and men. This is the story of all life that is holy and is good to tell, and of us two-leggeds sharing in it over the spirit-wires and before the glowing window that knows no night. We are the children of the Great Spirit and we will flourish like the flowers of the plains, even as the Shiny-Heads and Big-Mouths of the East attempt to take the land that the Spirit promised us.

  2. Cool! Me win thread!

  3. Radley are you a member of the ACLU?
    It’s a traitorous, hypocritical organization that works for the exact opposite of what Reason represents, freedom.

  4. What? No links?

    OK let’s just assume the House Banking Committee hearing is in D.C. And we’re told the ACLU thin g is in Seattle. So where will the IJ Castle Coalition thing be?

  5. Knock ’em dead Radley. All great causes.

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