Liveblogging Tomorrow's Debate


I'm in Manchester, New Hampshire (where, as a Free State Projecter could tell you, it is now hailing) to chase a few stories and cover both parties' debates: Democrats on Sunday, Republicans on Tuesday. Expect liveblogging and open threads on both days.

NEXT: Free the CRS!

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  1. Weigel is obviously in the pocket of Big Debate.

  2. I offered him $4.99 a month to shill for me but he turned me down. If he is indeed a whore, he’s not a cheap whore…

  3. Maybe this time Richardson will have his hearing aid in.

  4. Does anyone think the Republicrats will address the open borders/amnesty boondoogle?

  5. I once worked for the state. They had this really great projecter, so I stole it. I love my free state projecter, it is shiny!

    Plus, it will tell you when it’s hailing. (dink… dink-dink)

  6. I’m a great projector too, you filthy thieving reprobate.

  7. There is an election coming up ?
    I thought that was next year.
    Can I vote without my z-visa?

  8. Now that he’s a mini-celeberty, Ron Paul beats the blowback theory like it it a helpless dead horse

  9. Democrats have a who’s dick is bigger contest over medicare

  10. During the who’s dick is bigger debate contest, Hillary whips it out

  11. Hillary turns out to be bigger than all of the other candidates

  12. Mid-debate McCain says “fuck it” and leaves

  13. During the debate, LoneWacko and American Non-Resistance comes to hit and run to bitch about “amnesty” and “TehBrownInvasion” 1:5.

  14. An engraged, steriod-pumped Biden rushes the mound after Lehrer asks about gay marriage in a condensending tone.

  15. Biden begins to plagerize from yet another Labour Party stub speech, but stops himself mid-sentance. Muttering to himself, “no, not again.” Then promptly drops out of the election

    Gulliani uses the word “prostate” in a sentance, then gives a flabbergasted Mitt a high-five

  16. Edwards gives that smug, shit-eating smile.

  17. As Wolfe Blitzer rambles on about the procedures of the debate, Brownback’s mind wanders, eventually fixating on the indescribable angish he feels every day as a closet drinker, lamenting how he is too afraid to take the coward’s way out. Wolfe throws the first question out to Romny and suddenly Sam throws his mind back into the horrible, shallow world that is devouring the very core of his being.

  18. First Chuck Norris pop-culture refrence

    Second Chuck Norris pop-culture refrence

    Third Chuck Norris pop-culture refrence

    Fourth Chuck Norris pop-culture refrence

    Even though the joke was long-dead, Kucinich makes a poor attempt at the fifth Chuck Norris joke of the evining, mis-prounouncing “Norris” and mis-understanding the point of the joke is met with a silence that could stun a horse. The camera cuts to Leher who has his hands in his face and shaking to his head.

    This is going to be one hell of a debate

  19. what are the odds of Jerry Farwell eulogizing?

  20. Slim. I died.

  21. 1:1.1 Al Gore and Fred Thompson win the Democrat and Republican debates, respectively, by not showing up.

  22. Boobie!!!!!!!

  23. I have to agree with Timon19 on this one. Who cares about the debates, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the freaking NBA Finals!

  24. Hell yeah we are!

    I love me some Boobie!

  25. Can’t wait for youtube. In Taiwan, we can’t see any of that live. What time is the Republican debate? I like Ron Paul. Already voted for him once.If he’s elected, I’d think about moving back to the USSA. But I’m not planning on it.

  26. gao,

    I think both debates are being streamed live on CNN’s website.

  27. A lot has changed since you last lived here, Gao. For one thing, we are no longer called the USSA.

  28. In case you are wondering, we dropped the “Super”, not the “States.”

  29. I have no expectations, therefore I will not watch.
    Let me know if I miss anything substantial.
    I’ll be right here, holding my breath…

  30. Live stream link here

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