Matt Drudge = Democracy


Robert Stacy McCain, last seen collaborating with Al Gore in Queen Elizabeth's world-domination conspiracy, scores a long and wide-ranging interview with Andrew Breitbart. He's one of the Drudge Report's behind-the-scenes editors, he runs his own no-frills news feed, and his thoughts on how free media affect free minds are worth reading:

It seems that there's been, across the board, a democratizing of everything. It seems that the American spirit of freedom is being exported. In a MacLuhanesque way, the medium is the message. The freedoms that we see online in this country—there's no taxation of it—all these things have all benefitted from the growth of the Internet.

It's very difficult to sell to totalitarianism in the Internet age. Do you want a free Internet? Do you want absolute control of your Internet life, or do you want to put that in the control of others? And I think that if people were to start taking away your freedoms online, you'd see a bloody revolution.

It's a three-part piece, so keep clicking.