The Origin of the Specious


Peter Brimelow frets about the coming white minority (a mere 25 years after Black Flag!) at and explains why a darker America would be a doomed America.

In The Federalist Papers, John Jay wrote that the experiment of the U.S. Constitution could work because Americans were "one united people—a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, very similar in their manners and their customs…a band of brethren…"

Of course, there have been evolutionary changes since then—but nothing like the revolutionary change now being brought about by immigration policy.

Wait, evolutionary changes? Has John Jay's band of brethren grown sturdier or smarter on the road to finally becoming the Eloi? Have immigrants developed stronger limbs, smaller crania, and the propensity to join mass-murdering tattoo gangs? And if so, why isn't the MSM reporting this?

UPDATE: Yes, I realize that Brimelow is not literally referring to human evolution. It's still odd that he discusses the evolution of American society apart from immigration policy, as if you can separate the two. And then there's the split between good, evolutionary immigration policy (pre-1965) and bad, revolutionary policy (the 1965 law that broke down quotas and allowed more Mexican legalization).