St. John of Drumthwacket


So is anyone surprised that New Jersey Gov. John Corzine's first post-car crash TV ad is a public service announcement about seatbelts?

Nice ad, though. Bridges the gap between the classic Yul Brynner "I'm dead" ad and John Lindsay's 1969 "Lindsay eats shit" ad, the text of which was (I'm paraphrasing) "I know everything sucks, but aren't I pretty?"

Two weeks ago Radley Balko backed his SUV up over Corzine's hypocritical record.

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  1. don’t forget that he was speeding on the way back from the hospital.

    this douchebag likes making laws better than following them.

  2. God bless us, everyone.

  3. Why does a YouTube embedded video appear then quickly disappear when the page loads?


  4. highnumber,

    Are you using Firefox?

    If so, you have to think in Russian.


    (Recycled joke – sorry, couldn’t help myself)

  5. Of course he wouldn’t be driving like a maniac and have gotten into an accident if he wasn’t trying to show up for a photo op with Rutgers Women’s B-ball team and Don Imus.

    So I guess the real message isn’t just to wear a seatbelt, but also don’t drive like a maniac, and also don’t be late for photo-ops.

  6. highnumber,

    I don’t think that’s happened with me. You’d think I’d notice with the Youtube fest that is Urkobold. I’m using Firefox

  7. oh. destijl. You’re into recycling. Oh, so environmental. You must be really sensitive.

    Would you like to play “How Deep is the Structure” or “Warf and Sapir” with the Noam Chomsky Blow up doll?

  8. Ban the women’s basketball team at Rutgers, and it will be impossible for something like this to happen again.
    I think Corzine and/or the people of New Jersey should sue Ford or GM or all of them for making a car that can go so fast. No one needs a car that goes faster then the speed limit.

    Where is the Libertarian militia? This is case that clearly calls out to them. One .308 from a M1A Springfield could easily take out the front tire or the back, from upto a thousand yards away. That would stop it.

  9. “How Deep is the Structure”

    Is that anything like How Green Was My Valley?

    I am sensitive – it helps my batting average at the cocktail parties in Greg Gutfeld’s head. I do not have a pony tail though.

  10. A bullet wouldn’t work, Terry. Only a stake, driven through his heart. Although some think a silver bullet might do it…

  11. Would it be such a bad idea to exempt public office-holders from the seat belt laws?

  12. Next time you see an armor-plated Suburban with “State of…” plates hauling ass down the road, slide over as it goes past and give it that Supreme Court Approved bumper nudge, and see if you can put it on its lid. Feel free to run over any ejected occupants, and throw beer bottles at them as you depart the scene.

    Let us know when you’ll be on Nancy Grace, so we can observe the Two-Minute Hate.

  13. Why do the snot nosed brats on school buses get a seat belt exemption?

  14. No pony tail = good. sehr good.

  15. NoStar posted,
    “Why do the snot nosed brats on school buses get a seat belt exemption?”
    Uh, because they are snot nosed brats.
    Bad enough that most of our politicians and home decrators are, but do you want more of them?

  16. “I should be dead,” really captures the essence of that commercial.

  17. Gene

    Are you trying to channel Dan T ? Don’t, ’cause it might make that dopey little troll appear . . .

  18. Matthew,

    I think Gene was pointing out that every time a politician survives a car crash, Jesus kills a kitten.

  19. eh, i thought it was a decent spot.

  20. So is anyone surprised that New Jersey Gov. John Corzine’s first post-car crash TV ad is a public service announcement about seatbelts?

    No and it would have been better if he could have done it on the Imus show, but that’s how he got into this situation.

    Two weeks ago Radley Balko backed his SUV up over Corzine’s hypocritical record.

    I thought he drove a Saab or Subaru hatchback?

  21. Uh, it’s “Jon”, not “John.”

  22. Not wearing a seat belt didn’t almost kill Corzine. Doing 91 m.p.h. on a crowded highway in the most populous state in the union did.

  23. well, not wearing a seatbelt surely didn’t help.

  24. I have a cunning plan: Replace seat belts with Velcro on the seats. Got to sit to drive, so everyone would be held down safely and firmly.

  25. Pro Lib,
    Wouldn’t that make it impossible to lift a cheek in order to equalize a pressure imbalance?

  26. NoStar,

    There you go again, putting safety behind comfort. Besides, you are wrong. You can do such a thing, provided that you don’t mind the ripping sound.

  27. He’s the coolest governor with disabilities… i-i-in the world!

  28. behind comfort

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