Hit & Run

Obamaback? Brownbama?


The "bleeding heart conservative" and RFK 2.0 are teaming up to… threaten Iran.

Sens. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, and Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kansas, are teaming up to sponsor legislation that seeks to encourage divestment from companies that support Iran.

"The time has come for the federal government to assist citizens, institutional investors, and state and local governments in divesting from companies that support the Iranian regime," Brownback said in a statement. "The Iranian regime is the world's biggest state sponsor of terror, proudly flaunts an illegal nuclear program, and continues to violate the basic human rights of the Iranian people."

Actually, that doesn't sound like an awful bill, given the tone of the Iran debate. I piled on Obama for saying "all options are on the table" with Iran in my "20 questions" article and then, of course, Mike Gravel did the same thing. But there's an obvious difference between a senator saying that and an acting president* saying it. Obama probably isn't a hawk; he just wants to make sure no one mistakes him for a dove.

*Is this confusing? The difference is that a senator isn't a head of state and lacks the power to actually nuke Iran, and nukes are what are implied when people discuss - but don't name - the stuff "on the table."