Oh, Fred. You're So… Strong.


Instapundit has video of a Draft Fred Thompson rally in Tennessee and Rep. Zach Wamp's rationale for the Thompson candidacy is mighty convincing.

We need a president of the United States after the 2008 election who will rise above the partisan challenges… That person is 6 foot 6. He has a commanding voice. He has a commanding presence. He makes people feel secure. He makes us feel confident. He is slow to act but he is resolute. He is the kind of leader innately that the United States needs today.

"An' he reads the best bedtime stories! And he takes us out for ice cream after soccer practice!" A suggestion: If the GOP wants to rebut Steve Chapman's theory that modern Republicans are obsessed with strong authority figures who can cradle them in their arms, don't send Wamp out to debate it.

Wamp's explanation of why so many Republicans met with Thompson when he visited the Hill is worth a read, too:

These people understand that these are very difficult days in the history of America. They understand that radical Islam is actually sheltered in the middle of moderate Islam, which will not stand against radical Islam, and that Muslim women are having 3.5 children each, and Western women are having two children each. So we're going backwards and they are growing.

That seems even stranger than the "deep voice" thing as a reason to support Thompson. Has he written or spoken about birthrates before?