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So It Turns Out We Do Have a First Amendment


Fantastic news out of Washington state:

The state Supreme Court said in an opinion released this morning that KVI talk show hosts did not need to report their advocacy for an anti-gas tax campaign as an in-kind political contribution. And the court has reinstated a countersuit filed by the No New Gas Tax (NNGT) campaign against local governments that initially sued.

Here's some background on the case from Brian Anderson.

Early in 2005, the Democrat-controlled legislature passed—and Democratic governor Christine Gregoire signed—a bill boosting the state's gasoline tax a whopping 9.5 cents per gallon over the next four years, supposedly to fund transportation projects. Thinking that their taxes were already plenty high and that the state's notoriously corrupt Transportation Department would just squander the gas-tax revenues (millions on enviro-friendly wildlife overpasses, for instance, but little on new roads), some citizens organized an initiative campaign, as Washington law allows, to junk the new levy: No New Gas Tax.

Two popular conservative talk radio hosts, Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson, explained why the gas tax was bad news and urged listeners to sign the 225,000 petitions necessary to get the rollback initiative on the November ballot, though they played no official role in the campaign and regularly featured on their shows defenders as well as opponents of the tax hike. With the hosts' help, the petition drive got almost twice the needed signatures, but the ballot initiative, strongly opposed by labor unions, the state's liberal media, environmental groups, and other powerful interests, narrowly lost.

Meantime, however, a group of pro-tax politicians sued No New Gas Tax, arguing that Wilbur's and Carlson's on-air commentaries were "in-kind contributions" and that the anti-tax campaign had failed to report them to the proper state authorities.

The plaintiffs have finally lost that case, which should have been laughed out of court in the first place.

NEXT: Does Genetic Non-Discrimination Mean Universal Government Health Insurance?

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  1. Wait, we have a what now? I'm not sure I recognize the words you're using.

  2. I know this won't get much agreement here, but judicious use of wildlife overpasses benefits humans, also. Hitting large wildlife, like deer, damages automobiles, and causes accidents whether the driver swerves or not.

    I guess you could counter-argue that fixing damages from wildlife helps the economy by giving auto repair shops business.

  3. biologist,

    Broken window fallacy.

  4. Biologist!

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Back away!!!!! Not the Broken Window Fallacy!!!!! ARGH!!!!!

    ANTIDOTE ANTIDOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [engages psychic antler power]
    (thinks of Louis Pasteur. Nevermind that shit. Here comes Mongo. Thinks of Watson and Krick. Thinks of Anton von Leeuwenhoek (sp?). Biology is a cool subject. woo hoo)

    *looks up. My the sun is... um. not there today.

  5. ...the free nation gradually constricting its grip on public discourse has begun its rapid slide into despotism. Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.

  6. VM,

    Far be it to go this route with you, but something's been bothering me. Anton van Leeuwenhoek viewed, among other things, spermatozoa in his microscope. Where did they come from? This was never explained to my seventh grade class, that's for sure.

  7. robc,

    which is the broken window fallacy, my argument, or the pre-emptive counter-argument?

  8. a friend of mine hit a deer once. her window wasn't broken, but the driver's-side quarter-panel of her Crown Victoria had to be replaced.

  9. And in other news . . Indictments returned in Atlanta on the shooting of Kathryn Johnston.

    I can't believe that Radley hasn't posted on this yet.

  10. Bio - the counter one.

    If not for the damage, those funds for repair would be put to other uses (including saving with a return). (your first argument makes a lot of sense to this citizen!)


    HE WAS BATIN!!!!!!!!

  11. biologist,

    The counter-argument.

    Your argument is fine, I guess.

    Oh, and a friend of mine once hit a deer with his rental car ... in downtown Atlanta.

    Also, my dad once totalled his car and a mule, when a mule hit him (he had brought the car to a stop).

  12. VM,

    Reluctantly, I must agree. Assuming that he used his own, anyway, and didn't have assistance. It only gets more disturbing if my assumption is incorrect or, worse yet, if the human variety wasn't involved.

    I rarely go to such places, allowing VM to "own" this category; however, it's always mildly bugged me that we got no explanation about this historical fact.

  13. biologist,

    The counter-argument you stated was the broken window fallacy, not your original point. Although I do think that the wildlife overpasses are usually a waste of money. Wild deer aren't usually known for their savvy pedestrian ways or adherence to road signs.


  14. UCrawford,

    They also have trouble pushing the button at the crosswalk.

  15. Higglety-Pigglety,
    Anton van Leeuwenhoek
    Ogled some gametes
    Before they were born;

    Were he alive now, viz.,
    He'd be a felon:
    Produced kiddie porn.

  16. Justice Sanders kicks ass. We are lucky to have him in Washington State.

  17. UCrawford:

    You're right, they can be a waste of money, so I included the caveat "judicious use".

    I wouldn't recommend installing one in downtown Atlanta, despite robc's anecdote.

  18. VM,

    He also murdered the unborn.

  19. http://www.cnn.com/2007/LAW/04/26/atlanta.indictments.ap/index.html

    Did anyone else see that they got the cop in the Atlanta no-knock raid/murder on the 92-yr-old woman to plead guilty to manslaughter?

    Sounds like the entire thing has falled apart on the police dept.

  20. carrick beat me. 🙁

  21. ProL:

    woah. That's some heavy shit. But some of 'em wouldn't have been born with functioning hands, thereby rendering them as useless as the deer in a crosswalk.

    Theme on H&R this week:
    deer and batin.
    horses and batin
    foie gras and geese (deep throating)
    god and banging (big time bangin, apparently)
    - and -
    Rosie O'Donell.

    some of these threads aren't like the others...

  22. carrick beat me. 🙁

    I actually waited a hour or so before posting. I still amazed their hasn't been a post yet.

  23. but the ballot initiative, strongly opposed by labor unions, the state's liberal media, environmental groups, and other powerful interests, narrowly lost.

    One could argue that radio stations, in conjunction with their wealthy owners, constitute a much more powerful interest group than anything labor unions can muster. Labor unions are simply powerful counterbalances to the destructive power of the super-rich, as proven in this case by defeating the rich's attempt to dodge paying their fair share.

  24. QGD, one can argue many things, regardless of whether or not they are influence by reality.

    For example, one could argue that abortion should be legal and retroactive for trolls.

  25. good call, Carrick.

    BTW, are you familiar with David K Levine's site on 'Anti Intellectual Property', hier?


  26. My wife hit a deer once. Well, not really, because she wasn't my wife. She did hit the deer. Glass was broken (headlight). We never found the deer. It may or may not have been broken as well. It seemed to have very little effect on the economy overall from our perspective. Any chaos theorists around here able to tell me what the effect was? This occurred probably 11 or 12 years ago on Royce Road in Bolingbrook by the "Jesus Saves" church across from the quarry.

    Here is your map.

  27. throwing around the troll label as liberally as many of this blog's denizens do makes y'all look like some kinda high school clique for elitist navel gazers

    a damn shame to see on a (nominally) libertarian blog

  28. Far be it to go this route with you, but something's been bothering me. Anton van Leeuwenhoek viewed, among other things, spermatozoa in his microscope. Where did they come from? This was never explained to my seventh grade class, that's for sure.

    Leeuwenhoek's paper on the subject stated that he got it from a man who was afflicted with the pox and thus had spontaneous emissions. Riiiight.

  29. oooh. that's soooo sweet. Playing "cars" west of the North-South Tollway. Such cute denizens of the Hawkeye State. (am pondering whether "south of 88" now qualifies as being "downstate". hmmm. Nah - cuz then it'd be the center part of the venn diagram - KentuckyIowa. From there it gets confusing.

    (in seriousness - glad she was unscathed in the accident)

  30. I don't know about that quoted article. 'Notoriously corrupt' seems like awfully strong language, especially if they're referring to building bridges, be they for raccoons or rivers. I'd think corrupt would be 'DoT officials skimming money into private slush funds' or 'preferential contract approvals given to friends of high ranking DoT agency members'.

    Prioritizing environmentally friendly roadway systems over a larger quantity of roadway in total seems to be an agency decision, and something that has to be considered a balance. People also need to realize that a highway department doesn't operate in a vacuum. They MUST get approval from a ton of environmental agencies, including the USArmy Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife, EPA, State natural resources, State department of the environment, local planning agencies, local governments, etc. These people must sign off on the projects, and they have their mandates as well, to protect the environment to the best of their ability and judgement. In general, deals can be worked out, but they still involve 'enviro friendly wildlife overpasses' and replacement wetland mitigation and reforestation, often at high ratios of replaced to removed. These aren't *instead* of new roads. These are costs added to new roads, and nothing the state DoT can do can get around them, without breaking a lot of laws.

  31. Not much to get excited about here. So they upheld the media exemption. Big deal. Here's the relevant text from the decision:

    The uncontroverted facts establish that the radio station involved here is a regular media entity that is not controlled by a candidate or political committee. The radio station was exercising one of its core media functions in broadcasting Wilbur's and Carlson's talk shows. The broadcasts in question occurred during the regularly scheduled content portion of Wilbur's and Carlson's radio programs, not during commercial advertising time for which Fisher ordinarily collects a fee. The broadcasts were typical of Wilbur's and Carlson's regularly scheduled broadcasts in that they involved critical commentary on an important political issue of interest to the general public. Wilbur's and Carlson's broadcasts supporting the initiative campaign fall within the media exemption, regardless of whether the talk show hosts acted at the behest of NNGT or solicited votes and financial support for the initiative campaign. Because the media exemption applies, the trial court erred in ruling that the radio broadcasts were a "contribution" subject to disclosure under the FCPA.

  32. Yo Chin.

    I consider someone that frequently throws out provocative comments without any follow up effort to engage in actual discussion to be a troll.

    And while I didn't actually call anyone a troll, QGD has not had a particularly good track record on providing useful dialog in his(?) recent entries on this site.

  33. Seamus,

    Really? Ugh. I'd heard once that his wife assisted in obtaining the samples from van Leeuwenhoek, but maybe that was just the official story.

    What is this cover up about? Does it tie into the WTC? The moon landings? JFK?

  34. a damn shame to see on a (nominally) libertarian blog

    Does this trigger a drink, or is that only in the "For a site called Reason..." formulation?

  35. fuck it, let's drink!

  36. what jimmy said!

    *pours ProGLib a generous pour of Bookers, cut just right for his preference*

    *jimmy gets drink of choice, too*

    *opens up grape Nehi for Mr. Steven Crane*

  37. Ahem!


  38. *pours*

    (sorry - was busy explaining to Issac that his greeting in the opening credits tended to downplay his role as the best character on the show)

  39. Some believe that there is only one Ur Troll (Urkobold).

  40. highnumber,

    great choice!

  41. VM - got a Yoo-Hoo I could mooch?

  42. VM is citing my reception, where I smuggled in Captain Morgan's Private Stock and a certain bourbon, each served clandestinely by my crack squad of groomsmen. Forgot the tequila, though. I actually have an insanely expensive bottle of tequila in my freezer, which I got as part of an incentive trip to Cabo.

  43. I think VM always has a Yoo-Hoo handy.

  44. Youbetcha!

    whatcha drinkin (tried in vain to link to Husker Du's song of same title)

    [yells backstage]WARREN! DAMMIT MAN! A Little help here. Thirsty libertarians!!!

  45. I'm a tequila nerd. What kind is in your freezer?

  46. Highway and MP beat me to it, but I think the quoted article is misleading. I live in WA state, and this is the first time I've ever heard anybody refer to the transportation department as corrupt in any way. Maybe Mr. Anderson doesn't like highway overpasses, but that policy disagreement doesn't make the department corrupt, let alone notoriously so.

    The article also says that Wilbur and Carlson played "no official role in the campaign", which suggests (together with the "laughed out of court" bit at the end) that the prosecutors were crazy to allege that they were. But the lower court found that Wilbur and Carlson were in fact "principals in the campaign," and the WA Supreme Court does not reject that finding in its ruling. The Supreme Court effectively says that the lower court should not have focused on whether Wilbur and Carlson were part of the campaign, but rather on whether the radio station itself was part of the campaign. It wasn't, so the case goes away.

    Look, I'm glad about the decision and I think the Supreme Court has the right analysis. But if you assume that these guys were in fact the principals of the campaign, then to me this case becomes an interesting question of statutory interpretation, and hardly a case that should have been "laughed out of court."

  47. There is a WHAT?

    No, no, no, we got rid of that ACTIVIST document back in 2001. Those ACTIVIST judges are basing their decision on a bunch of liberal ACTIVIST founders.

    You're all on my list.

  48. Gonzo - sorry, too late. Highnumber is the MAKER of LISTS here.

    now go away. before I taunt you a second time.

  49. Porfidio Single-Barrel A?ejo, I believe. Here's a photo. The bottle is hand blown, if I remember correctly. In any event, it's very, very good.

  50. Alas, highnumber, I don't have any in my freezer right now :/

    As for a favorite: can't say that I have one...

    I'm a cheap bastard when it comes to getting drunk...after all, no matter how pricey or good the tequila is, it all ends up down the toilet in the end, one way or another...

    Although, now that I think about it, I just might try the pricey stuff just to see what it's all about...

  51. Just for the record...I hate my state government.

    Joshua Corning, Washington state resident

  52. jimmydageek,

    Sauza is a decent brand, which you can acquire here in our lovely Bay Area. Try the Hornitos or Conmemorativo.

    I should talk, of course, as someone who hardly drinks any more.

  53. I'm a cheap bastard when it comes to getting drunk...after all, no matter how pricey or good the tequila is, it all ends up down the toilet in the end, one way or another...

    My, oh, my. That's just so...very...wrong. There is simply no comparison between a good single-malt and "Scotch" in a plastic bottle, or a good 100% agave tequila and "tequila" in a plastic bottle. Even entry level stuff in glass bottles pales in comparison.

  54. I live in WA state, and this is the first time I've ever heard anybody refer to the transportation department as corrupt in any way.



    hehe haha



    apparently that Washington resident has never heard of governor Rosalini.

    I think it is about once a month that I hear a story about someone who use to work at state government from 1950-1980 that there was always five or six people who would sit around the office doing nothing all day and after every election one or two would leave and one or two new ones would come it...unless a republican got elected then they all would leave.

  55. Actually a lot of tequila comes in hand blown bottles. It's kind of like a tradition for tequilerias.

    I recommend Sol Dios or Corralerjo - try any of their reposados. Both very decent. You get more for your dollar from reposados. A?ejos are better, but much pricier.

    Sauza Hornitos is a fine everyday tequila.

  56. I used to think Don Julio was the best tequila

    then, a few weeks ago, a pal brought me a bottle of Casa Noble back from a trip to San Diego (a shot at redemption for his accidental fraud of foisting some kinda fake absinthe on me last Christmas)

    Casa Noble




  57. Screwed that up:


  58. tequila connoisseurs: thanks for the info!

    making a list...going tequila shopping this weekend...

  59. highnumber,

    Too bad the pneumatic Intertubes aren't functioning yet, or I'd send you a sample of the Porfidio. It ran about U.S. $130 when I got it, but I think it's down to around $100 now. Needless to say, my employer gave me the bottle--I'm not in the $100 tequila class.

    I did buy some Sauza while in Cabo, which introduced me to the brand. It's perfectly fine for mixing purposes, and decent for sippin', too. Incidentally, for you West Coasters, I highly recommend going to El Squid Roe if you ever go to Cabo. Best bar on Earth (sorry, Red Rocker!).

  60. jimmydageek,

    Sauza's available pretty much everywhere. ABC or even Sweetbay's liquor store are sure to have one or more of their brands.

  61. Oooohhh, I'd love to try the Porfidio.
    Salpic?n in Chicago has 100 tequilas on their list. They top out at $150/glass. Ay ay ay.
    They're kind enough to split that one into $75 half glasses.
    I don't think I've ever spent more than $75 on a whole bottle.

  62. highnumber,

    Next interdimensional party, I'll be sure to bring the bottle. I haven't touched it in a couple of years, to be honest.

    I've blown some change on single-barrel bourbons/Tennessee whiskeys.

  63. That's what we need, a Reason Hit & Run Single Barrel Jack Daniels.

  64. I drink cheap bourbon, Ezra Brooks, but I usually fork out the bucks for the agave, it works better on my wife.

  65. Why are you telling me this?

  66. Agreed on the Sauza Hornitos. Very surprising quality for a relatively inexpensive Tequila. I've been dying to try the Porfidio.

    No El Major fans here?

  67. Ezra Brooks,

    Because, I'm afraid, you are a cheap bourbon.

  68. Don't worry Ezra, I stick with you. Because tequila may get my wife's clothes off, it also makes my dick fall off.

  69. WTMI

    Way too much information.

    We'll be right back after a word from our sponsor. Ezra Brooks swill.

  70. Because tequila may get my wife's clothes off, it also makes my dick fall off.

    You may want to analyze your syntax.

  71. or maybe not!

  72. Synner!

  73. Does this trigger a drink, or is that only in the "For a site called Reason..." formulation?

    Sure! The "oh, you people call anyone who disagrees with you a troll" bleat is a time-honored part of many online drinking games... 😉

  74. Some believe that there is only one Ur Troll (Urkobold).

    Urkobold would be a sweet screen name.

  75. Way ahead of you, bro.

  76. what a bullshit and self-serving typification of my stated view

    I just think some here act too much like cliquey high school shitbirds

    considering how many years many of you navel gazers've spent in school environs, it's hardly surprising

    but I'm no place near the "The 'oh, you people call anyone who disagrees with you a troll'" BS you're currently, uh, bleating

    do what you're gonna do, you're gonna anyhow

    I'm just sayin' such boorish behavior isn't in keeping with the libertarian mindset

    bleat on...

  77. You cannot grow chin?



    I crush you while you look for shift key!

  78. Urkobold would also make a great name for a new liquor. Something stronger and scarier than J?germeister. Pity the word doesn't have an umlaut, though.

    Also, what was the Urkobold? Did he predate the Internet, or did all trolls and troll-like creatures arise with this technological monstrosity? Und, who is ze Urkobold uv Hit und Run?

  79. troll


  80. considering how many years many of you navel gazers've spent in school environs, it's hardly surprising

    Guilty as charged - I totally graduated high school and took a few years of college. Sorry that alienates me so much from your experience.

  81. Granted, Heraclitus posited an Urkobold in his lost work, I Hate Fucking Trolls, but there's reason to believe that "troll" had a different meaning at the time, referring to critics in general, rather than mere naysaying bastards.

    And I don't think it's debatable that Parmenides' statement in Trollidoxia that the troll (?????) cannot exist has more to do with his general epistemology and ontology than on any specific understanding of the primal troll.

  82. try to keep up, shitbird

    the education part is (supposed to be) good for you

    the nasty ass holier-than-thou personality that you seemingly can't help but exhibit here?

    not so much

    If only everyone was as impressed with your shallow delusions of clear superiority as you are, eh?

    when you say "a couple years of college" does that mean you dropped out, flunked out, or got a two year degree at a community college?

    you so smart...

  83. I neglected earlier to mention Hume's statement about something similar to the troll, which he referred to as Der Arschloch, in his An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding:

    If we take in our hand any posting; of asininity or school boy physics, for instance; let us ask, Does it contain any abstract reasoning concerning quantity or number? No. Does it contain any experimental reasoning concerning matter of fact and existence? No. Does it serve any fucking point at all except to annoy us? No. Commit it then to the flames: for it can contain nothing but sophistry and illusion.

  84. I relinquish my title to you, Tryin' To Grow A Chin, but I retain the copyright for purposes of any royalties.

  85. . . .and there's the Troll of Ur, which Abraham made passing reference to in his seminal I Shoulda Sacrificed the Kid, 'Cause He Never Calls, He Never Writes, but that's not the same thing at all.

  86. Really? Ugh. I'd heard once that his wife assisted in obtaining the samples from van Leeuwenhoek, but maybe that was just the official story.

    Well, since he was able to look through the microscope afterwards, he must not have been blind...

  87. Unterhund would be funnier. Und I dink dat you are correct. Ze lacken of ze blindersnapenfurher is un clear indicator.

  88. Naturally, there's no point citing Aeschylus' Trolliad trilogy, which, after all, though thoroughly entertaining, is pure fiction.

  89. not sure about the WA DOT being corrupt...in fact one of the reasons that the public here turned around on their vote was because so many recent DOT projects had come in either early, under budget or both. and i also don't recall the vote being as close as they make it in the article

  90. Pro Lib,
    You ok, man?

  91. highnumber,

    Sure man, I'm peachy. I'm just working on my Enquiry into Trollish Understanding.

    Volume I.

  92. thanks for the title

    I'll put it with the others

    acceptance speech?



    where to begin?

    when I first came here, I had no idea I would someday be a title holding troll

    I was just an ignorant old guy who, on accounta my party of choice has lost its way and doubled its efforts, was looking in on the libertarian types

    previously, I've always discounted Libertarians as either Navel Gazers, or Assholes Who Don't Wanna Pay Their Taxes

    but I was kinda desperate



    I was gonna do a broadside on the monkey-troupe stylin' regulars that turned me into a H&R troll (thanks mostly to the liberal/lax definition of "troll" favored here)

    but kicking puppies just doesn't have the appeal it used to

    I love you all!

    drinks for everyone and goodnight!

  93. Pro Lib,

    I thought maybe you busted into the Porfidio.
    Or Chin's stash. (I don't think he gets very good stuff. It might be laced.)

  94. P.S. The wife actually asked me to pick up a bottle of tequila on the way home tonight so she could have a margarita. Life is good.


  95. "assholes Who Don't Wanna Pay Their Taxes"

    Thems fightin words!

  96. highnumber/Urkobold?,

    Which tequila did you get? This being the drinking thread and all.

    I rather liked my David Hume commentary. All my good stuff comes after everyone has gone home from work 🙁 VM can correct me on this, but I believe that Der Arschloch means "that asshole" in German. Another good tag for a commenter, come to think of it. Especially a trollish one.

  97. Sauza Conmemorativo.
    Usually I go for the Hornitos, but the Conmemorativo was a few $$ cheaper.

    I thought the Abraham reference was the best of last night's bunch. I also liked the Chin's acceptance speech. Good trolling.

    Tequila tip of the day:

    Kids, never ever buy a tequila labeled "Gold." Gold tequilas are crappy white/blanca or silver/plata with food coloring and artificial flavors added. Buy the white stuff if you're going cheap.
    Of course it should go without saying that you should shut up and drink whatever somebody offers you.

  98. "Gold tequilas are crappy white/blanca or silver/plata with food coloring and artificial flavors added"

    ah! the White Zin of tequila ('cept for the fact that you never, ever drink white zin)

  99. I bought my brother a bottle of Sauza Hornitos in Cabo, and he's been sticking with it since then, but we've wondered whether the Conmemorativo was as good, at least for margarita purposes. I think he actually has both in his growing (his mother-in-law gets free stuff in connection with various f?tes she's involved in) liquor cabinet.


    Der Arschloch? Is my translation correct?

  100. I drank White Zin once. Just once.

    Conmemorativo is their a?ejo, Hornitos their reposado. They're both fine for mixing or shooting (and in the case of a tequila addict like yours truly, they're ok for sipping, too). A?ejos usually are smoother and more expensive, but not in Sauza's case. Hornitos is a little smoother. Tres Generaciones is Sauza's premium a?ejo. It's pretty good, but I really like Corralejo's triple distilled reposado or double distilled a?ejo if I'm putting out that kind of money.

  101. Urkobold,

    See, that's what confused me. A while back, my brother and I were standing in front of the tequila section of the local liquor store trying to figure out which one we should buy. I knew enough tequila lore to know that a?ejo was supposed to be better, but the pricing suggested that the Hornitos was the superior product.

    Next time, I'll ask you!

  102. when you say "a couple years of college" does that mean you dropped out,

    Changed majors at university, dropped out afterwards, got a job, took some technical classes and got into programming.

    But again, sorry for not being a whiny old man who likes trolling.

  103. Das

    but the rest is spot on! 🙂

    High# drank white zin, once. once. His father hung him from a hook, once. Once.

    Someone interrupted me batin to "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight", once. Once.

  104. Huh. I thought der meant "that". My German is so pathetic. Sad for someone who is vun hav Deutscher!

  105. you're "sorry"?


    there's no need to dispense another shallow, passive aggressive, stage prop apology

    you'll be okay

    just try to lay off the ignorant n00bs with the territorial primate act (as adopted for the series of tubes)

    really, the shoddy treatment meted out to uneducated visitors here is kinda indicative of the shortcomings of the (big L) Libertarians:

    too snooty about who they pitch to, and how they pitch

    y'all oughta stop preaching to the clannish choir and take a cue from RAW's "Guns and Dope Party" stratagem (maybe lighten up on the ostrich thing, at least until after the election)

    Hail Bob!

    (man, I miss him)

  106. Chin,

    If you keep commenting here (and I hope you do, if you refrain from some of the bitterness [a little is ok]), I would love to see your name indicate a progression.

    Like this:

    Tryin' To Grow A Chin
    Seein' The Doctor About My Deficiency
    Schedulin' Surgery For An Implant
    Goin' Under
    Restin' In The Recovery Room
    Screamin' In The Mirror When I See They Gave Me Jay Leno's Chin
    Callin' My Attorney

    and so on.


  107. Claimin' My Hedonics

  108. while it lacks the conceptual continuity of your idea, there's already a method to my madness for forum moniker selection

    I used to use the same moniker (with my e-mail addy), but then someone (a regular, no doubt----said with faux disdain) started spoofing my moniker (complete w/ e-mail addy) to make it look like I was making some kinda euphorian hippie creep noises

    frustrated, I thought about bitching to management, but that didn't seem a proper response to an affront visited on me at a libertarian blog named "Hit and Run"

    I toyed with using a password creator program to come up with a new nonsense moniker for every post, and thus make it more difficult for the disinfo artist to readily fuck with me

    instead, I've been using the title (or even just select lines) from different frank zappa tunes, as randomly pulled from my fabulous (and nearly complete) zappa library playlist (today's winner was "Duke of Prunes")

    it's a policy in development

    I used to use a different moniker for every post

    but lately, just for reader continuity's sake, I've decided to try to keep the same moniker for back and forths within any given thread

    I hope this doesn't hurt my uber troll status


  109. That's ?ber troll. Never miss an opportunity to use an umlaut.

    Schadenfreudenator is available.

  110. What name was spoofed so much?

  111. Is my translation correct?


  112. King James Version

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